Google Buys Gesture Recognition App to Improve Interface, Service

Jaycee De Guzman October 3, 2013 0
Google Buys Gesture Recognition App to Improve Interface, Service


Google is continuing to develop and improve their services with its new acquisition of a gesture recognition app. Flutter, an application that lets users control music and movies with their gestures. Both companies have confirmed the authenticity of the news spreading about the acquisition. The acquisition will further enhance the capabilities of the company to deliver different services and features to its clients, especially the mobile users. The San Francisco-based company will surely deliver new possibilities and skills to Google as they are aiming to provide more for their valued clients.

Android Maker Impressed by Flutter’s New Technologies and Designs

Google Buys Gesture Recognition App to Improve InterfaceThe gesture recognition company express their delight after the successful end of their talks with Google. The Flutter company even released an official statement regarding their transfer to the popular Android company. According to their statement, the Flutter company is very much ‘thrilled’ and excited to announce that they officially continuing their research efforts in the Google’s laboratories. Their statement also applauded their shared thinking with the Android maker, saying that the company’s aims and visions will be boosted by Google’s resources. On the other hand, Google also confirmed their Flutter acquisition with an official announcement from their spokesman. According to them, they are really impressed by the company’s new designs and innovations. They are pretty much happy to host the future and on-going researches of the company and they are looking forward in supporting and joining their forces with Flutter in discovering new heights for their products.


Flutter Acquisition Terms Not Yet Announced by Google

Although the acquisition has been made official by both companies, the terms of the agreement are still unknown. Even financial details about the acquisition were not announced. However, rumors circulating now tell that all of the members of the Flutter team will be absorbed by the Android company. These will include four individuals with PhD degrees and a handful of members that possess impressive gesture and image recognition technology knowledge. The deal will also bring two former people back in the company responsible for the popular website Popular names from the Flutter team formerly worked for Google back in 2010. These are Flutter co-founders Navneet Dalal and Mehul Nariyawala.

Gesture Still a Long Way to Go for Flutter Heads

The company has been known to develop applications that enable users in making simple gestures to control different media playback in computers such as music and movies. However, the company is aiming for more complex and innovative technologies to develop the gesture recognition feature. Aside from that, there are still more things the team heads want to develop. According to Dalal, their bigger vision is to give devices a sort of an eye that will make them fully aware of their respective users’ movements. One example of their vision given by Dalal is the ability of computers to lock themselves whenever their users leave their desks.

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