Intel Unveils New Computer Assembly – Galileo

Jaycee De Guzman October 3, 2013 1
Intel Unveils New Computer Assembly – Galileo


Intel is slowly opening its doors to new possibilities. The known maker of popular processors for desktop computers has announced a new product that will create more uses for its consumers. Intel will soon release a new computer that will be based on the Quark chip which is known for its extremely low power consumption. Their new computer will be named “Galileo” and will include the new Intel Quark X1000 chip. The new product is expected to be released by the company sometime in November of this year.

Galileo Computer’s Varying Uses: From Robots to PCs

Intel Unveils New Computer Assembly - GalileoThe new computer from Intel named Galileo is an open-source product which can be used for different purposes. Basically, the computer will be composed of a board and a Quark chip that will not have a case. It is aimed to serve the interests of a lot of do-it-yourself fans. It can be used to different assemblies such as robots, health monitors, PCs and home media centers. It’s very ideal to those gadgets and devices since the Quark processor will consume less power. The new product is expected to be priced at $60 according to the company’s general manager for Intel’s New Devices Group. He also added that the company is hoping for the DIY enthusiasts to use the Galileo board in building prototypes and debugging different devices. The schematics of the board will soon be released and they are expecting it to be replicated by different individuals and even companies. They believe that their chips will give rise to different amazing discoveries from the DIY community.


The Intel company is really getting serious in plunging into the budding market of wearables. Their new Quark processors released last month was primarily aimed to be one of the pioneer chips in the wearable market.

Galileo Might Not Be Accepted Right Away By DIY Community

The first thing that might hinder the new Galileo board from entering the DIY market is its price. The Intel product will be sold at $60. This is pretty much more expensive compared to the already known ARM-based processor Raspberry Pi which sells for $25. Plus, the Raspberry Pi chip can render 1080p display graphics which the new Intel product is unable to do. Aside from that, the company is also known in putting its designs discreet and away from the eyes of DIY enthusiasts. It is just recently that the popular PC processor manufacturer has extended its hand for the DIY community. It’s just few months ago when they released their first open-source computer back in July of this year. The company’s official, however, cleared the speculations about their efforts and assured that they are now really committed in providing products for the enthusiast community. They are still optimistic that DIY enthusiasts will appreciate their product and use it in doing new interactive computing gadgets and devices. For the next one and a half years, the company will ship 50,000 Galileos to students for free.

Do you want to have the new Galileo from Intel?

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