iOS 7 Is Expected to Solve Disturbing Bugs of the Current Upgrade

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Apple may be concentrating on the evolution of its new iOS 7 operating system too much this time. We can hardly say it’s a bad thing. But, it could’ve been better if the company has given more time in also adding more features to the iPhone 5S and especially the iPhone 5C.

Apple has already released an update to the newly launched operating system. It was on Thursday when the company launched and made the iOS 7.0.2 available to all the Apple users. The update on the new operating system has long been reported to be prepared and finalized by the company even months before the launch of its newest smartphones.

A New Update to the Operating System Is Coming Up

iOS 7 Is Expected to Solve Disturbing Bugs of the Current UpgradeApple’s latest operating system was released on September 18 and more than half of the population of the Apple users has upgraded their systems. There were lots of praise for the system, but there were also a number of complaints from them.

Not long after the release of the original version of iOS 7, the IOS 7.0.1 was already released. It was the upgraded operating system that runs the iPhone 5C and 5S. There was no time to waste for the company because it also made the IOS 7.0.2 to all of the Apple users. It was launched at the same time with the official release of the company’s newest smartphones.

The last release of the upgraded operating system has a feature to protect the users’ passcodes of a widely-spread bug. This bug makes a way to go around or circumvent the passwords of the users and hack whatever information it can possibly gather. We are also expecting that this feature will be included in the latest upgrade of the operating system, which is going to be released very soon.


Bugs That the iOS 7.0.3 Might Be Able to Control

iOS 7 Is Expected to Solve Disturbing Bugs of the Current UpgradeWe don’t have any confirmation from the company as to when the new upgrade will be released. But, reports have been confirmed that it is currently undergoing final testing. The employees and partners of Apple are the first ones to try and evaluate the new iOS 7 upgrade.

They are the ones that are currently using the new system in their smartphones and their judgments will matter to the creators of the operating system. After the final testing, the new system is expected to be able to control bugs that are currently affecting the iOS 7.0.2.

It might be able to solve the problem that was posted on YouTube. The video shows that anyone can have access to the personal keypad of the handsets by simply pressing the emergency call button. This is one of the alarming issues of the new operating system and it is expected that the new system will have a way to solve it.

According to AppleInsider, most of the users are also complaining that they are having a hard time using the iMessage application. They can hardly send or receive messages, which shouldn’t be happening in the first place.

Apple is obviously doing all the possible ways to solve certain issues about its brand new operating system. The rapid upgrade of the system is helpful, but appears to be irritating to some users because more issues come along with it.  Everyone is also expecting that the company is in the middle of finalizing the iOS 7.1 really soon.

The question is, will the new iPads still be running iOS 7 or would be running iOS 7.1 to cut the excitement short?

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