Mozilla Firefox OS Is Set to Conquer the World of iOS and Android

Sara Cunningham February 26, 2013 0

February 24 – Mozilla announced its new operating system to the world. It was announced before the launch of the Mobile World Congress. The Firefox OS was welcomed by the audience with high expectations. The operating system is specifically made for mobile devices. The first mobile brands to release phones to carry the system are ZTE of China, LG and Alcatel.  All these devices are equipped with processors from Qualcomm Snapdragon. Alcatel has officially announced the first device to run the system. Huawei will follow releasing Mozilla powered devices just within the year.

Mozilla Firefox OS Is Set to Conquer the World of iOS and Android

The Firefox OS will use web standards and that is the HTML5.  Mozilla is aiming to entice customers who are open in trying other versions of smartphones. It has confirmed that unlike iOS and Android which dominate the market now, this system is user-friendly and has a web standard version. Anyone with knowledge in web programming can freely create its own applications. Aside from creating an application, the user can have the privilege of selling the application on its official application store, too.

Users of Firefox OS won’t find it hard to find compatible applications for the system. Mozilla also introduced the Firefox Marketplace. It is the official application store for Mozilla powered devices. The user can buy applications and at the same time sell an application, if preferred. Social media applications like Twitter and Facebook are also said to be built-in to the device carrying the system.

It is quite obvious that Mozilla is trying to level with iOS and Android’s popularity. It is going to be a great fight for a newcomer to beat the giants of the market. Mozilla is said to release the devices in selected countries as of this time. Brazil, Hungary, Venezuela, Spain, Serbia, Montenegro, Mexico and Poland are the first countries mentioned by Mozilla during the launch. It is set to be available anywhere in the world within this year.

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