iPad Mini With a Retina Display Might Be Delayed Says Reports

Jaycee De Guzman October 3, 2013 0
iPad Mini With a Retina Display Might Be Delayed Says Reports


A lot of Apple fans are already anticipating the announcement of a new iPad Mini with a retina display. It has been rumored that the releasing of the said device will be delayed. However, the announcement of its larger version, the iPad, will likely to pursue later this October. A lot of fans are still hoping for the announcement of a new iPad Mini together with the iPad but as reports show, preparations for the retina display on iPad Mini is still on its way and might cause delay to its official release.

Preps for iPad Mini Retina Still Warming Up

The expected late October launching for the new models of iPad and iPad Mini is already fast approaching. However, it seems like preparations for the inclusion of a retina display for the new iPad Mini is just about to begin. This will just mean that the official release of the device might be affected and initial shipment will be limited for this year. The much-anticipated iPad Mini with a retina display might just miss the holiday season where consumers buy a lot of things such as mobile gadgets such as tablets and smartphones.

New iPad Mini Model Specs Still Unclear Up at Present

Despite a lot of reports about the upcoming iPad Mini revamp, there are still no sure ideas about the specifications it will have. The Cupertino company is still mum on the specs inquiries and did not give any detail about the new iPad Mini. The company even decided not to comment on the rumored launching date for the new iPad and iPad Mini models.


Popular Tablet Rivals Keep Pressure on Apple’s Chest

iPad Mini With a Retina Display Might Be Delayed Says ReportsThe competition among tablet manufacturers is getting really hotter and hotter. A lot of them such as Amazon and Google already launched their respective tablets with impressive specs improvements while offering them at a price point lower than what Apple price its products. Thinner and high-spec tablets are quickly selling like pancakes in the market today. This puts a lot of pressure to Apple to produce competitive devices against its competitors in order to preserve its significant market share.

Importance of iPad Mini With Sharper Display for Apple

Apple’s retina display is one of the features the company is bragging against its competitors. The Cupertino company already included it with the full-sized iPad 3 and its later models together with new iPhone models. However, the company made a setback for retina fans when they removed its inclusion in the iPad Mini released last year. iPad Mini’s competitors such as the Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HDX (which will be shipped this month) have already implement pretty good display improvements such as High-Def screens. This puts the iPad Mini in a runner up place against its competitors. If the new iPad Mini will have a retina display, surely, it can catch up with its 7-inch tablet rivals.

Do you think we will see an iPad Mini with a retina display soon?

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