Dell Brings Us Its New Venue Line and a Whole New Line of Laptops

Jaycee De Guzman October 4, 2013 0
Dell Brings Us Its New Venue Line and a Whole New Line of Laptops


Dell is making its big-time comeback into the market. It’s not that the company vanished completely, but it’s clear to everyone that its competitors made it hard for the company to deal with the competition. The company was still able to successfully pass the bumpy road of the business when it transformed itself into a public company.

Since then, the Silver Lake Partners is the company that has become its partner and is one of the reasons why the electronics company is now launching a new breed of tablets and laptops in the market.

Dell Brings Us Its New Venue Line and a Whole New Line of LaptopsThe company is now more open to more possibilities and is promoting its new line of gadgets to the different levels of consumers in the market. It has just introduced its new line of tablets, which are called the Venue line. It has three tablet models in it as of now and will continue to be producing more.

Dell is also bringing two different touch screen laptops, which are running the latest Microsoft Windows operating system. The company is confident that these laptops can compete well with the likes of the Apple laptops with Retina screen displays. We have gathered the exact information about this new breed and we’re going to take a close look at it, now.

Flashy and Chic Tablets Released – The Dell Venue 7 and 8 Pro

The Dell Venue 8 Pro is the first ever 8-inch tablet of the company with a seemingly moderate price and specifications. It has an IPS screen with 1,280×800 pixels for its resolution. It has a 2GB of RAM with a modest processor designed by Bay Trail. According to surveys, this is one of the smallest and easiest to handle 8-inch table to be available in the market soon.


It has an introductory price of almost $300 for the unit with a 32 GB of internal storage.

The Dell Venue 7 is a tablet that has a screen size of 7 inches. It has a model with 16GB of internal storage, which has a fair price of almost $150. It has the same pixel resolution value of the Venue 8 Pro and is powered by a Cover Trail 2GHz processor.

Modern Laptops You Can Choose From – Dell XPS 11, XPS 12 and XPS 15

The brilliant leader in technology brings us three varieties of laptops of different sizes. The XPS 11 is an 11-inch laptop and a tablet as well. It has a maximum resolution capacity with a size so minimal.

The XPS 12 on the other hand is also a laptop and convertible into a tablet anytime we want. The company allows us to freely flip the laptop open to use it as a normal laptop or can easily fold it and use it as a tablet. It has a pixel resolution of 1,920×1, 200 pixels, which is fair enough for an average-sized 2-in-1 laptop like it.

The XPS 15 on the other hand has a very modern design and is also a 2-in-2 laptop. It’s also considered as the yoga laptop because it can flex freely. Its screen display is remarkable with 3,200×1, 800 pixels and is as thin as less than an inch.

We can’t help but be impressed with the new flagships that Dell is bringing to the market today. Its new line of Venue tablets is remarkably amazing with specifications that will be able to perform well for the users.

Its three new hybrid and convertible laptops are also impressive. It goes to show that the company has finally taken the challenge and is dancing with its competitors this time. We have no question with the quality of the devices that this company can offer.

Now, which of the new Dell gadgets will you buy first, the tablet or the convertible laptops?

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