Dell Latitude 10 Tablet PC Has Enhanced Its Security Program

Sara Cunningham February 26, 2013 0

Dell has introduced the upgraded version of its current Latitude 10. It is one of the firsts of Dell’s own edition of tablet PCs. The difference is the update it has made to secure the program. The company calls it the “Enhanced Security” edition. With the security program updated, it will fit more the call of government, healthcare and even financial institutions for a more secured computing.

Dell Latitude 10 Tablet PC Has Enhanced Its Security Program

The Latitude 10 tablet is said to be the only Windows 8 tablet PC that is equipped with dual authentication in the market. It has a 10-inch screen with 1366×768 IPS for its display. It carries a 30 wHr battery with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It has a built-in 2GB RAM with 64GB SSD and also included five of its finger touch support feature. Its front camera only has 720 pixels but its rear camera has an 8MP camera. The back camera can surely satisfy what its consumers need for imaging and video recording.

Part of Latitude 10’s upgraded security features are the following:

  • Dell Data Protection
  • Computrace
  • Noble Lock
  • MS Bitlocker in full-drive protection
  • Twisted Platform Module 1.2

It is also the only tablet with Smartcard and fingerprint reader. With the fingerprint reader, the user can save its fingerprint and have the system recognize it alone. This feature will secure all important information that may be stored in the device. The Smartcard and fingerprint reader on the Latitude 10 is not so hard to locate in the device. It is a bump that can easily be found at the back of the device, compared to the former version which is not so obvious to the naked eye.

Dell conducted studies to support the promotion of the upgraded device. Tests were conducted that needed the reviews of the IT experts that spend their lives evaluating every technology released. There were also tests made to conclude if the new version is better than the first one. The Dell tablet PC is available at a high price of $799, which is almost half higher than the first version.

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