Watch Out Android Fans: Samsung Galaxy S4 in Gold Color Coming Soon

Jaycee De Guzman October 4, 2013 0
Watch Out Android Fans: Samsung Galaxy S4 in Gold Color Coming Soon


One of the major reasons why Apple did a record-breaking launch of its latest iPhone models is because of the introduction of the gold version of iPhone 5s. During its first weekend after being released, the new iPhone 5s and 5c combined for more than nine million units sold. The initial supply of the gold iPhone 5s quickly ran out as buyers lined up days before its official release. However, Samsung is not letting go of the gold thing. Reports stated that the South Korean tech giant will soon release a gold version of its flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Gold Samsung Galaxy S4 Soon but May Be Limited For a While

Watch Out Android Fans: Samsung Galaxy S4 in Gold Color Coming SoonThe Samsung Galaxy S4 in Gold color was formally announced by the company in their Saudi Arabia Twitter Account with a photo showing a S4 phone in pink with gold edges. The tweet stated, “Introducing the new #GalaxyS4 Gold Edition – for a style that’s uniquely yours!” It was also announced that the new S4 units will two colors (brown and pink) which will be edged with gold color. The image uploaded, however, only showed the front portion of the smartphone which leaves questions about how will the back cover appear – if it would also be covered with gold color. The announcement was just made through the Saudi Arabia Twitter so speculations were also made that the new units will be available in the Middle East region for the mean time. Several versions of the Galaxy S4 has already been released such as the S4 Active, the S4 Zoom with a dedicated camera lens for better shooting experience and the Mini version.


Apple, Samsung Not Really Gold Phone Pioneers in the Market

Many have been mesmerized by the release of gold iPhone 5s units but only few know that Apple is not actually the first to launch a gold-colored smartphone. The gold phone craze also got a reinforcement from Samsung’s recent announcement of gold-edged Galaxy S4 versions. However, two years ago, Nokia already announced and produced a gold-plated phone called the Nokia Oro. It was a luxury version of the Nokia C7. The smartphone had 18K worth of gold frame which was accompanied by a tough Gorilla glass and ran with a Symbian Anna OS. It was also priced at 1,126 USD during its release in 2011.

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