New Tablets From Dell Officially Launched, Keeps PC Division Alive

Jaycee De Guzman October 4, 2013 1
New Tablets From Dell Officially Launched, Keeps PC Division Alive


The newly-launched tablets from Dell pretty much signal that their PC department will still be much alive. The company officially launched its new lineup Venue tablets. The lineup is composed of two tablets for Android OS and another two tablets for the new Windows 8.1 mobile OS which are scheduled to be released in November of this year. After series of disappointments from earlier products they have released, Dell is pretty much making a statement that they still have hopes for their struggling PC division. This is also an assurance that the company still has hope for the division despite Dell’s privatization deal which was approved and inked last month with the support of shareholders

Below $200 Price Point for Android Venue Tablets

For the Android platform, two new tablets from Dell will be named Venue 7 and Venue 8 which will have 7-inch and 8-inch screen sizes, respectively. However, these tablets will have Intel Atom chips that were announced last year and not the ones announce recently with the code name “Bay Trail.” The new Venue 7 will be available at the priced at $149 while the new Venue 8 will be pegged at a price of $179.

High-end Venue Tablets for Windows 8.1 Platform

New Tablets From Dell Officially Launched, Keeps PC Division AliveMeanwhile, the new tablets for the Windows 8.1 platform will be named Venue 8 Pro and Venue 11 Pro which will have 8-inch and 10.8-inch screens, respectively. The Venue 11 Pro tablet can be turned into a laptop hybrid with an optional docking station or keyboard. These new tablets will be powered by latest Intel chips. Venue Pro 8 will be powered by Bay Trail processors while the Venue Pro 11 will also have Bay Trail but will have an optional package for Haswell chips. The Venue 8 Pro will have a 64GB storage while the Venue 11 Pro can have up to 256GB of storage plus the new NFC capabilities.  Venue 8 Pro will have a 5MP back camera and 1.2MP front camera and will be available at the price of $299 while the Venue Pro 11 will have a 2MP front cam and an 8MP rear camera and will start at a price of $499. The Pro tablets from Dell will have LTE mobile network capabilities and Micro-SD slots.


No More Tablets for Windows RS Operating System

New Tablets From Dell Officially Launched, Keeps PC Division AliveThe new and future lineup of Dell tablets will no longer include devices for the Windows RT OS. According to the company, they are not planning to refresh their Windows RT lineup in the future. Dell’s last Windows RT tablet in the name of XPS 10 was already discontinued several days ago.

The launching of the new Dell Venue tablets also signal the revival of the Venue brand name which was originally for their smartphones. Their Venue smartphone was not successful in its market so Dell discontinued it last year after its 2011 launch.

Are you willing to try the new tablets from Dell this November?

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  1. Michael Reilly  October 6, 2013 at 11:22 pm - Reply

    I would love to buy the new Dell Venue 11, but without a Wacom digitizer, it’s a Fail for me. I won’t be buying it. I need the superb inking ability that only a Wacom digitizer provides. Current products: Dell T3500 desktop, and Dell M6700 laptop (w/ Quadro K5000m video card). (Mike R: Architect)

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