Apple iPhone 5S tops the sales chart in US for the month of September

Sara Cunningham October 2, 2013 0
Apple iPhone 5S tops the sales chart in US for the month of September

We have some really good news for iPhone fans, consumers and especially those consumers who have recently got their hands on the Apple iPhone 5S. You will be happy to know that the iPhone 5S has become the top selling smartphone device in the US for the month of September.

Since a long time, there was a lot of talk about the two upcoming iPhones that Apple has then not unveiled yet. We all knew that these two devices are the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, thanks to the numerous leaks and reports that kept on giving us valuable information.

But did you ever feel that the next-gen flagship device, the Apple iPhone 5S could beat all previous records? Did you think that this very 4-inch smartphone could end up being the highest sold handset in the United States? Well, it doesn’t matter what your answers were because the iPhone 5S has already won the battle.

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Just a few days ago, Apple confirmed that the iPhone 5S sales had broken all previous records and the total sales mark had crossed 9 millions. Now we have another report, which says that the iPhone 5S was also the most selling device in the US.

The report comes from the research firm ‘Canaccord Genuity’ saying that both Apple iPhone 5S and 5C are doing great in the market. The firm says that the iPhone 5S has ‘strong sales’ and the number is expected to keep n rising. Taking the initial sales into consideration, Canaccord Genuity also estimates that Apple will sell more than 52 million units of the new iPhones across the globe by the end of the year.

In the month of September, Apple and Samsung have seen tremendous growth in sales thanks to the newly announced iPhones and the Galaxy S4 range of devices. The demand for these devices has grown so much that other smartphone manufacturers are having a difficult time trying to sell their next-gen devices. HTC One sales have also decreased in the month of September and Blackberry has had a very bad time with the Z10 and Q10. There have hardly been any sale of Blackberry devices and if this continues, it might be difficult for the company to make a come back, no matter who takes over and how good the efforts after that.

By the way, if you are interested in the iPhone 5S and 5C, you should check out our detailed comparison of these smartphones. You will get a good idea about the specs and key features of these devices as well as the differences between the two. You can check out the comparison using the link below.

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