Specs Comparison: Microsoft Wireless 4000 VS Logitech Wireless M510

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Specs Comparison: Microsoft Wireless 4000 VS Logitech Wireless M510


One of the most basic and useful devices that we commonly add on our desktop computers or laptops is the mouse. The Microsoft Wireless 4000, one of Microsoft’s latest treasures, is an upgraded Explorer Mini but with a less expensive price. Meanwhile, the Logitech Wireless M510, according to its manufacturers, is a lightweight device which can do almost everything. This review will further explain how these two devices excel.

Specs Comparison: Microsoft Wireless 4000 VS Logitech Wireless M510

A Travel Mouse With a Purpose

Specs Comparison: Microsoft Wireless 4000 VS Logitech Wireless M510The best thing about having a wireless mouse is that users can bring it anywhere without having to worry about cords. This Microsoft Wireless 4000 can be used to control your computer even if you are 30 feet away. It has a Nano Transceiver which can be hooked up on the users’ laptop or the mouse’s underside – whichever the users prefer. Plus, with the BlueTrack Technology which is the main underscore of this device, users can practically use any surface and this device will still work with precision. Technically, this is particularly functional when the user is doing a presentation or just roaming around their own house and enjoying a private time. Moreover, users who are left handed can also use this device without having any problems because of its symmetrical design.

Take Shortcuts and Zoom Away

Specs Comparison: Microsoft Wireless 4000 VS Logitech Wireless M510

In a similar manner, the Logitech Wireless M510 is also a cordless mouse with a highly praised physicality that offers a soft chassis and comfortable grips on the side. If you are either a right or left handed person, there is no need to worry because this device is universally compatible with both. It highlights the Unifying receiver which can connect up to six other compatible and wireless devices and all at once. Users don’t need to plug it out when they move their computers around so there is no risk of loosing it. Also, through the Logitech SetPoint for Windows or Control Center Software for Mac, users only need to click once before they can side scroll or jump from one window to another as well as increase and decrease the entire display area depending on their viewing preferences.


What’s Wrong With a Non-rechargeable Battery?

According to the manufacturer, the Microsoft Wireless 4000 can work for 10 months with only a single battery. It’s an impressive number, however, it is not rechargeable. To worsen it all, consumers who bought and experienced using the device are saying that their LED battery indicator had already been blinking red only after two weeks of desktop use. Maybe Microsoft can do something about this next time.

Logitech Wireless M510’s Lacking Features

Although Logitech said that this mouse is compatible even for the left handed people, there are consumer reviews which do not necessarily agree with the idea. For some, the Logitech Wireless M510 can be very irritating when its side scroll is being used. It has a poor design and location of the additional buttons that seem only useful for the right handed ones. It fits uncomfortably and is inconvenient for the lefties out there.

Pricing Details

The Microsoft Wireless 4000 is available on eBay as well as Amazon with a price range that starts from $15 and higher. At Microsoft’s official store, a brand new device is being sold at $29.95 MSRP. This is a considerably cheaper price in comparison to its Logitech rival.

Speaking of which, the Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse, on the other hand, has a maximum suggested retail price of $39.99 on its manufacturer’s official store. On Amazon and eBay, it is available for a much lower price that starts from $25.


Specs Comparison: Microsoft Wireless 4000 VS Logitech Wireless M510The Microsoft Wireless 4000 and Logitech M510 Wireless are useful devices in terms of its specifications. Both of these have programmable buttons which the users can set up on their own in terms of their preferences. Microsoft is offering the Intellipoint 7 software that consumers can use instead of a CD drive while Logitech’s previously mentioned programs can also run the same thing. In addition, the former device has a very long operating distance and impressive tracking technology which can be used on any surface. The latter has a battery performance that, according to consumer reviews, are actually proven to be very credible and true. However, it is unfortunate that it can only be more useful to right handed people.

In terms of the price tag, both devices are affordable although the less expensive one may be more appealing to some customers. Still, it depends whether they would rather buy the accessory that they need even if they pay more money for it. Nevertheless, it would be a worthy investment since the Microsoft Wireless 4000 and Logitech M510 Wireless can also be used as a gaming device.

Considering the specifications and everything else, which of these two recommended devices do you prefer to buy?

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