Samsung and LG are expected to unveil next-gen curved OLED display phones in October

Alex Bezeau October 5, 2013 0
Samsung and LG are expected to unveil next-gen curved OLED display phones in October


Just when we all thought that the smartphone and tablet market was almost saturated, a new technology emerged. This technology opened the doors to a completely new level of smart devices that can pass all barriers present in smartphones and tablets today. The technology we are talking about is curved displays.

Consumers who are always interested in something new might have already checked out the Youm display demoed by Samsung at the IFA event this year. It was one of the first ever curved display prototypes to make it to the news. But very soon, we will have more than just prototypes of this fabulous piece of technology.

There have been reports saying that two of the most powerful smartphone manufacturers from Korea, Samsung and LG are all set to unveil their very own smartphones equipped with flexible displays. And the best part about this news is that both the OEMs are expected to do so in the month of October itself!

Samsung Flexible Display 1

So if you have still not got your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or the LG G2, we suggest that you wait for some time before spending your money. The wait is totally worth it and you might end up buying a smartphone that you only had dreamed of till date.

And to add up to the excitement, you will be happy to know that Samsung has already confirmed a smartphone with a curved display. There have reports saying that this very device is expected to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active and will be unveiled next week itself! So this is definitely great news for Samsung fans and consumers.

Now let’s look at what LG has to offer. We gave some really interesting news to Samsung fans and consumers, but if you are an LG person, then we have even better news for you! With the launch of its first curved display smartphone, LG is taking the game to the next level. The company is expected to unveil its new LG Z series of smartphones, the Z is for Z-axis. These devices will have a concave display, and full HD resolution, but it’s the Z-axis that we are interested in. And if you are looking forward to getting your own LG Z smartphone, you must know that the flagship device is said to be already under production and will be launched in October itself.

Finally, a word of advice and some clarification. Samsung and LG are working hard in order to bring curved OLED displays to the market, but this does not mean that consumers can buy these devices and start bending them like rubber. The devices will have a lot of unique features and a flexible display, but there is a limit to which the devices can be bent.

Apart from the display, these smartphone will have a lot of other components that are not bendable, or at least cannot be made bendable for now. These parts include internal components like circuit boards and batteries. So the first generation of curved displays will consist of displays that require less screen bezel and at the same time will be unbreakable.


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