How Can the Microsoft Surface Tablets Run Out of Supply?

Jaycee De Guzman October 5, 2013 0
How Can the Microsoft Surface Tablets Run Out of Supply?


Microsoft ran to Twitter and immediately posted that its Microsoft Surface Tablets are running out. But, analysts and consumers can’t help but wonder if it’s exactly the truth or it’s another gimmick of the company.

The said tablets are not yet out in stores and are still available in a pre-order basis. These transactions are being made online or some negotiations on retail stores. However, the company isn’t able to justify as to what it actually means.

Microsoft Developers Confirmed the Shortage of the Said Tablets

How Can the Microsoft Surface Tablets Run Out of Supply?This may be just the right time for Microsoft to release the Microsoft Surface Tablets if it really is having a good sales reception as early as now. Microsoft may not be a struggling company compared to BlackBerry, but it certainly isn’t that successful as Samsung and Apple right now.

If the report is true, then the company should grasp a feeling of relief that it will be able to increase its sales with the help of its tablet line.

“Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are close to selling out. All those buyers are gonna need apps.”

Posted above is the exact Twitter post that was posted by the developers of the company on its official Twitter account.

The said new line of tablets is said to be on display in retail stores and carriers on October 22. However, its pre-order transactions already started in September. It should be the reason why the devices are running out and made the company conclude that it’s going to be hard for consumers to see the tablets displayed in stores.


Getting to Know These Tiny and Intelligent Tablets

How Can the Microsoft Surface Tablets Run Out of Supply?Let’s admit it. It’s always convenient to use a Windows running device. It’s more conducive to be used for corporate and business purposes. This is the same reason why Microsoft brought to us its new line of tablets.

The Surface Pro 2 is actually a laptop though you might not think that it is at first glance. It runs the updated Windows 8 operating system and fits perfectly in the corporate world. It has a built-in keyboard that can be folded anytime the user wants to.

The Surface 2 is a full-packed tablet. It’s handy because it has an ergonomic design and a comfortable size to bring anywhere. As mentioned earlier, these new Microsoft Surface Tablets will be available on October 22 in stores. That is, if there’s still enough supply to be shipped worldwide.

Microsoft is still convinced that this new line of devices will bring its competitors down. The company has high hopes that this new line of tablets will make the company rise again.

There are consumers who can’t wait to get a hold of the Microsoft Surface Tablets. Are you one of them?

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