The Samsung Galaxy Young and Fame With Jelly Bean at a Low Price

Sara Cunningham February 26, 2013 0

Samsung Galaxy Young and Samsung Galaxy Fame are two devices that are equipped with the Jelly Bean software. The two both have the software Jelly Bean 4.1.2, the one closest to the latest version of Jelly Bean. Young and Fame seem to be like twins. Both with the same physical design – it has curved corners and both are really looking cute and handy. The two also have the same specifications in it.

The Samsung Galaxy Young has a built in 512MB RAM the same with Fame. It is also powered by a 1GHz processor. The processor may be able to perform the basic features of an Android phone, but it may have a problem with the other features that need greater power. A review was released on the internet that the device could be having problems with lags. It was reported that it crashed while a smiley was inserted. On the other hand, Fame also had a very hard time dealing with lags in games. Fame was not responsive when a simple air hockey game was running.

The Samsung Galaxy Young and Fame With Jelly Bean at a Low Price

Both have a 3 mega-pixel camera with 480×320 pixels. The user can’t expect its camera to give good results in dim environments. The Samsung Galaxy Young has 4-gigabyte memory storage to save all files like movies, photos, games and videos. Young and Fame both have a 1300mAh battery that can last a day. But when using applications like games and movies, it is expected that the battery will drain earlier. These devices are good enough for its price. But basing on its specifications, the two will have a hard time to cater everything the Android has to offer. Both possess Jelly Bean Android software yet it might not give an excellent performance because of its slow processor.

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