Microsoft Can’t Allow HTC to Stop Releasing Windows Phones

Jaycee De Guzman October 5, 2013 0
Microsoft Can’t Allow HTC to Stop Releasing Windows Phones


HTC just brought sad news to Microsoft recently and that is to stop releasing Windows Phones to carry its brand. This may seem to be a plan as of the moment, but the leading Windows Company can’t afford it to happen.

Indeed, the company has a back-up plan to solve the problem and it’s still in the middle of winning HTC back. HTC is known to be a company of smartphones and tablets that run Windows and Android operating systems. But, Android by Google has been dominating the world for a few years now and HTC seemed impressed about it. However, it sounds like trouble for the struggling Windows Company instead.

But surely, the said company won’t allow that to happen and it has been reported that Microsoft is currently offering a new proposal to HTC. As of the moment, a series of negotiations are going on and we are yet to find out the result after HTC comes to its final decision.

Free Windows Phone Licenses Just So HTC Won’t Stop Releasing Windows Operated Devices

Microsoft Can’t Allow HTC to Stop Releasing Windows PhonesAccording to Bloomberg’s statement, the Windows Company is surprisingly offering its licenses to HTC for free. Yes, you’ve read it right. The company is willing to allow the Chinese company to use its operating system for free and still continue to sell Windows phones in return.

This was a proposal that has been formulated last month by the company’s team. But, it remains to be unanswered for now. It was a proposal presented by Terry Myerson during the first few weeks of September.

The proposal stated that the Windows Company can at least decrease the price values of the licenses of the said operating system. But, Myerson even stated that the company can offer it for free. This proposal is considered to be pending as of the moment.


Myerson, who is the head of the operating system division of the company, is set to travel to Asia this month. The main agenda is of course to push the proposal more and anticipate for HTC’s reply to the proposal.

The Windows Company Is Confirmed to Be Having a Hard Time Getting Back on Track

Microsoft Can’t Allow HTC to Stop Releasing Windows PhonesWe’ve all known Microsoft to be the leading brand of an operating system that almost all desktops and laptops run. However, times have passed and computers became smaller and consumers shifted to using smartphones and tablets instead.

The company didn’t see it coming that its competitors are wise enough to catch the attention of the consumers. Devices that are running Apple or IOS operating system and Android are the ones dominating the smartphone and tablet industry right now. This is the very reason why the company is in the middle of a crisis in achieving a high sales rate and its top rank as a powerful operating system.

The company may have been too late in allowing its system to operate smaller gadgets. Today, Google’s Android operating system is preferred more by electronics companies because it’s more user-friendly and the system isn’t complicated as well. Aside from that Android alone has its own stores that provide applications from different categories and all of which are being enjoyed by every consumer.

Amidst this crisis, do you think Microsoft will win HTC back or it should be goodbyes to Windows phones for good?

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