Samsung Is the Reason Behind HTC’s Loss and BlackBerry’s Shut Down

Jaycee De Guzman October 5, 2013 0
Samsung Is the Reason Behind HTC’s Loss and BlackBerry’s Shut Down


HTC seems to be losing the battle against Samsung. So much was expected from the company that first released an Android smartphone during the early years of the operating system in the market.

Blackberry is also in the middle of working on its bankruptcy these days. It has confirmed that it will be shutting down the venture in releasing smartphones and will enter a different genre in technology. We can all still recall how BlackBerry emerged years ago and it has been known to be the king of smartphones before. That was before Google’s Android and Apple’s operating system for smartphones came out.

HTC Confirms Its Failure and Achieves Its First Quarterly Loss

Samsung Is the Reason Behind HTC’s Loss and BlackBerry’s Shut DownSamsung already released a projection of its possible revenue during the whole of third quarter. However, the exact numbers aren’t confirmed yet. One thing is for sure though, that the leading Korean company beats all other companies especially Apple and HTC.

HTC is also just in time in announcing its possible loss in the fourth quarter as it already had a very hard time during the third quarter. It’s the sad truth that the company has to admit so that its team will be able to create new strategies and designs of smartphones to change its status.

There were a lot of hindrances that led HTC to its downfall this quarter. The HTC One wasn’t ready before its official release date. It didn’t meet the deadline and was released a few days before the Samsung Galaxy S4 was released. But, the Galaxy S4 was already gaining too much fame at that time and only a few noticed the HTC One coming.

The company also had trouble in production. Some of the parts ran short especially the aluminum body of the HTC flagship. It led the delay and didn’t help the company at all.


BlackBerry Touch Screen Smartphones Went Unnoticed

Samsung Is the Reason Behind HTC’s Loss and BlackBerry’s Shut DownIf we could remember the time when BlackBerry launched the Z10 and Q10, there was so much anticipation we can feel from the company. However, weeks have passed and consumers continue to grab Samsung smartphones and no one even noticed the new BlackBerry flagship out there.

However, BlackBerry is in the middle of this crisis for a different reason. According to reports, the internal executives of the company are in the middle of a personal crisis, which is one factor that’s bringing the company down.

It has been confirmed that the Korean electronics company is soaring higher and higher each year as it releases its new flagships. It has been confirmed BlackBerry was only able to ship less than 3 million of its devices worldwide, while the Korean giant has shipped 89 million of its devices worldwide.

Apple is not even close to reaching the sales rate of the Korean company because it has only shipped less than 40 million of its devices in the third quarter. It didn’t even reach half of what the Korean company has achieved. Meanwhile, HTC has not released the exact number it has reached in the past quarter.

Samsung continues to dominate the world of innovation while the rest of the companies are struggling. Do you think those companies will still be able to catch up?

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