Next up, the Google Nexus 5.

Alex Bezeau October 5, 2013 0
Next up, the Google Nexus 5.


We are approaching the middle of October and the rumor mill keeps pumping out wild stories, conjecture, and theories. Among them is the persistent information regarding the new Google Nexus 5. Everyone is of the opinion that the reveal for the device is approaching fast and due for the end of the month, if not sooner. Now there has not been anything official as of yet, but there is plenty of information floating around just waiting for the right people to grab it.



One of the pieces that stood out is the time of any possible reveals. Google has a track record of wanting to get in their products early autumn, and there is no reason for them to deviate from that desire right now. Specifically, all of the buzz leads to an mid October press release. With the possibility of actually shipping the phone pre November. I sincerely hope these rumors prove to be true because I am looking forward to getting my hands on this piece of hardware.


The Nexus 5 as Google is supposedly going to call it will have the specs necessary to compete. 2 GB of RAM coupled with a quad core 2.3 GHz processor mean this is going to be a powerful phone. In addition, this will be supported by LTE and NFC capability as well as have access to wireless charging methods. A nearly 5 inch display will equate to having lots of space on screen for your information. The body will also have to be somewhat larger to accommodate this change, so all of the hardware they are packing in will fit together nicely I assume.


Speaking of the body, the Nexus 5 will be made by LG like the last iterations. Google seems to have a working relationship with the company since they are one again shipping out their latest flagship design to be realized by the company. Along with all of this, LG will also be installing Google’s newest OS. Android 4.4 KitKat into the phone which will make the Nexus 5 the first phone to ship with Google’s newest OS.



However we can’t forget that behind all of the fancy multi platform and supped up power, the device is still a phone. Which means it is going to need support of at least one carrier to do anything especially useful. Thankfully Google should already have a few carriers lined up for the phone at launch. Our sources point to these carriers being Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile, and Sprint. Sound familiar? These are the 4 top carriers in the US. Which means this could mark the first occasion where a Google phone supports all 4 of the major carriers.


All of this is without getting into the more speculative ideas floating around. Like the talk about just what kind of storage capacity we can expect. Everyone is hoping for a 16 to 32 GB kind of storage while the more pragmatic bunch is saying that we can only expect 8 to 16 GB dedicated for storage. Frankly I would have to go with the conservative few that are calling for 8 to 16 Gigs. It makes sense since the Nexus 4 launched with that kind of storage, and 32 Gigs for a phone is still pretty hard to imagine.


As for the price of the new Nexus 5, that is still a bit off before anything could be speculated. No one has any concrete information about the phone as of now, and anybody that does isn’t talking. What we do know is that the Nexus 5 is shaping up to be a powerful addition to the market beyond most phones at this point in time. However that really hasn’t had much bearing in the past, as Google normally prices it’s phones at reasonable levels unlike some of their competition. So while the price is up in the air, the rest of the package is looking pretty attractive. So I can’t wait for the Nexus 5 to hit the shelves.

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