Apple Spent More Than $150 Million to Create the First-Ever iPhone

Jaycee De Guzman October 6, 2013 0
Apple Spent More Than $150 Million to Create the First-Ever iPhone


Have you ever thought of slipping an Apple iPhone into your pocket that is as big as a television screen? Apparently, reports have confirmed that the original iPhones are very huge. But, that was the time when the team was still in the middle of creating the said smartphone.

Steve Jobs was the brain behind most of the products of the company and the iPhone was definitely his idea. The previous executive of the company was interviewed by The New York Times and was then published in the magazine made an interesting confession. Tony Fadell was part of the team and was the first person that Steve Jobs talked about the idea.

The First iPhone Filled the Whole Room With a Touch Based Screen

Apple Spent More Than $150 Million to Create the First-Ever iPhoneHe can still recall the exact words the moment the brilliant Steve Jobs showed him the concept. He admitted that he was in awe and that their invention is currently dominating the world and led to more devices to be produced by the company.

According to Tony Fadell, he was amazed when Steve Jobs asked him to enter the room and showed the project. A huge projector was used to showcase the whole idea. It showed the main screen of a Mac laptop screen and allows them to touch the applications and make it run.

“Tony, come over here. Here’s something we’re working on. What do you think? Do you think we could make a phone out of this?”

The quoted statement above was the exact words Steve Jobs told Tony Fadell when he first showed the working demo.


According to Fadell, Apple had six huge demos of the iPhone and were the ones they used to study so that they can formulate more applications to add. He also admitted that there were so many factors that they had to consider in completing the whole project and finalizing the exact design of the smartphone.

They went into talking to different supplier around the world for its touch screen displays, LCD parts, algorithm expert companies and even the hard case of the final iPhone. Plus, the main goal was to create a new operating system that will fit for a smartphone and that was the iOS system.

All of the Efforts Were Paid-Off and the iPhone Hit the Market Like a Storm

Apple Spent More Than $150 Million to Create the First-Ever iPhoneTony Fadell left the Apple in the year 2010 when he decided to join a different company with a different goal. When he looks back at the time they were creating the iPhone, he can’t help but be amazed with their successful work.

He mentioned that the company invested so much for the device and one executive confirmed that it was true. It has been confirmed that the first iPhone cost the company more than $150 million in order to complete the project.

Amidst all the efforts and financial investments on the device, we can all see that the company successfully nailed it. We are now faced with the sixth iPhone in the market and it has been getting good reception from the consumers.

The iPhone is not just a smartphone for calls and messages. But, it’s already a necessity this time that is able to do a lot of tasks. It works as a computer which is handy enough to bring along with anytime. From the first iPhone down to the latest one, we can’t question the quality of the smartphone.

It’s also amazing that the smartphone has evolved big-time and has a lot of features this time. The latest iPhones are more innovated, have more features and have an amazing operating system. There are already millions of people satisfied with the iPhones they have.

Do you think it’s about time for you to switch or upgrade to the new Apple iPhones now?

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