Twitter Ads Isn’t a Good and Helpful Investment – Advertisers Say

Jaycee De Guzman October 6, 2013 0
Twitter Ads Isn’t a Good and Helpful Investment – Advertisers Say


This week, we can remember that Twitter announced its plans in making its business into a public company. Its representatives confirmed that they have already completed the process for the IPO of the company and it’s already heading to its finality.

In connection with it, the company also confirmed that it will start offering advertisement services that the advertising companies will be able to invest in. However, these advertisers have a lot to say about the idea and even left some advice to the social media company.

Advertisers Want the Social Media Site to Increase Its User Population

Twitter Ads Isn’t a Good and Helpful Investment – Advertisers SayTwitter has more or less than 218 million active users as of the moment. The population is great, if it isn’t compared to the number of users that Facebook has. Facebook is the most used and is the social media platform right now with more than a billion users worldwide. Aside from that, more people are logging on to Facebook than the other social media site according to surveys.

This is one of the reasons why most advertisers are still holding back on investing their ads on the said company. Its rival, Facebook first announced that it will start accepting ads and promotions. The said announcement isn’t a good timing for the troubled social media site.

Advertisers are thinking that they might fail in the investment because 218 million of users aren’t enough. These companies want more audience so its investments are going to be worthy. Facebook on the other hand, again has 1.15 billion of users, which advertisers think as a better venue for their promotions and financial investments.


In connection with that, the company should find a way to increase the number of users it currently has. By that time, it could be the best moment for advertisers to invest in the company.

The Social Media Site’s Active User Population is Decreasing

Twitter Ads Isn’t a Good and Helpful Investment – Advertisers SayAccording to surveys, there are more people who log on to Facebook for almost half of the day. While some just go ahead and visit Twitter for a few minutes or so, then log out.

This issue is not a good sign for the advertisers. They would want to make sure that the users will stay for longer periods of time to make sure that the ads are going to be promoted well by the social media site.

Aside from that, Facebook reported higher sales revenue last quarter compared to the company. It means more people are checking Facebook and that would mean greater chances to have these users check the advertisements.

It could be hard for the company to gain more users in a short period of time because more social media platforms are rising today. We should also consider that Instagram is also a growing social media platform, which is owned by Facebook as well.

Now, do you think Twitter made a good decision to offer ads or it should’ve stayed as the normal social media site?

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