LED Monitor Comparison: Asus VS247H-P Versus ViewSonic VA2446m-LED

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LED Monitor Comparison: Asus VS247H-P Versus ViewSonic VA2446m-LED


In terms of the current development in display technology, the one thing that manufacturers always think is the viewing experience that consumers will have when they buy their product. The Asus VS247H-P Full HD LED Monitor and is one example of these devices along with the ViewSonic VA2446m-LED. Although they still need a separate power supply to work, these two are especially great to use on desktops and personal computers. Available at Amazon and other online shopping websites, they only have a price range of more or less $200 which is a real bargain. Let’s take this review and see what more they offer.

LED Monitor Comparison: Asus VS247H-P Versus ViewSonic VA2446m-LED

The Pros and Cons of Asus VS247H-P

LED Monitor Comparison: Asus VS247H-P Versus ViewSonic VA2446m-LEDThe Asus VS247H-P Full HD LED Monitor is a serious contender when it comes to competing against similar products. Made with a glossy and smooth design, it has a forward-leaning VESA stand which can be detached if users prefer to mount it on a wall. If not, its slim and thin physique is still a space saver, for instance, when used as a desktop monitor. Now, with the new features to provide the best viewing experience that it can give, users can watch movies with high quality even in their homes. According to experts, this monitor is especially superb in displaying text legibility, accurate color quality, defined motion and angle range for perfect viewing.

However, this monitor is still not the best if we try to consider the other brands roving around the current market. Apparently, there are more premium models which offer higher screen displays and better capabilities – although it also comes with a higher price. Specifically, the forwarded arm of the Asus VS247H-P is not adjustable when it comes to height. To be more comfortable, experts and user reviews suggest to set a riser under the stand. Generally, this monitor performs well enough but it still cannot be considered a remarkable device. Nevertheless, if we consider the not-so expensive price, this is still an investment worth of consideration.

The Pros and Cons of ViewSonic VA2446m-LED

LED Monitor Comparison: Asus VS247H-P Versus ViewSonic VA2446m-LEDThe ViewSonic VA2446m-LED, on the other hand, is a similar monitor that is very functional to homes as well as offices. With its high resolution display and high definition audio output, it is the complete package of a fully useful and entertaining device. Created with an environmentally friendly design, its black and shiny body is the perfect tool to use if users want to have a different viewing experience. Technically, this monitor showcases brightness and contrast with inexplicable quality and it has a response time of 5 milliseconds when it comes to playback. It is really a good thing that this monitor has respectable and flexible settings that is very appropriate to customer preferences and satisfaction.


Meanwhile, this ViewSonic VA2446m-LED also comes with its own disadvantages. First of all, it has no HDMI connection so additional media from other sources may be difficult to transfer for display. That is not good considering that this is a high definition monitor. Second, the mentioned brightness settings can also be very intense when being used during the night. And although it has integrated speakers included, experts and users with hands-on experience are not convinced by the sound that it produces. Perhaps ViewSonic can make it better and more attractive to the ears when they develop their future display products.

Price Details

LED Monitor Comparison: Asus VS247H-P Versus ViewSonic VA2446m-LEDThe Asus VS247H-P Full HD LED Monitor is being sold at $167.99 on Amazon and $179.00 at Abt Electronics. This is a much cheaper price range than what the ViewSonic has which means that it can definitely attract more customers. Of course, there are online promos and discounts that consumers can take advantage of if they want to buy this at a lower price.

The ViewSonic VA2446m-LED, on the other hand, sells at $174.99 at the official store of its manufacturer. In addition, it sells at $153.99 on Amazon and $156.99 on eBay. Compared to its rival, which is the Asus monitor, this device is definitely more expensive for the average although with only a few dollars of difference.

The Bottom Line

LED Monitor Comparison: Asus VS247H-P Versus ViewSonic VA2446m-LEDThe Asus VS247H-P and ViewSonic VA2446m-LED do not have that many differences when it comes to its specific qualities. They both have respectable specifications in terms of the display and other supporting features. One small alteration is that the Asus monitor can be mounted to the walls while the ViewSonic can only be placed on a flat surface. Also, it seems that the ViewSonic monitor has a larger physical size than its Asus rival. However, users can either take it as an additional screen for viewing or additional space and less space saving. When it comes to the price, the Asus monitor is more affordable than the ViewSonic.

Bearing all of this in mind, will you upgrade your monitors with one of these devices?

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