Mobile Router Comparison: HUAWEI E5151 VS ZTE MF60

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Mobile Router Comparison: HUAWEI E5151 VS ZTE MF60


Having a decent internet connection these days is as important as anybody can make it. Homes as well as offices now have the necessity to provide this certain wireless connection to help ease the everyday lives of people. Even when you are just sitting in a restaurant or strolling at the mall, there are certain activities that inevitably involves the internet. The greatest example of this is the social media. For these purposes, this review will compare two of the most popular wireless routers which are the ZTE MF60 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot and HUAWEI E5151 Mobile WiFi. This will determine which device consumers should choose and buy.

Mobile Router Comparison: HUAWEI E5151 VS ZTE MF60

A Pocket Device With A Pocketful of Features

Mobile Router Comparison: HUAWEI E5151 VS ZTE MF60The ZTE MF60 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot is a mobile router which according to its manufacturers can provide a fast and convenient internet connection to everyone. Physically, this device is very small and is definitely a pocket device. It has a smooth and glossy chassis which showcases the monochrome screen where the indicators for connection status, signal strength and battery life is displayed. However, its manufacturers have not made this device just to look attractive. This mobile router emphasizes on its multitasking ability by letting users browse the internet at a maximum of eight enabled devices. Given that number, the web interface can still function easily in the hands of the user. With a 3G Sim, an SMS service is also possible to do.

A Hotspot Router for 10 Devices

Mobile Router Comparison: HUAWEI E5151 VS ZTE MF60The HUAWEI E5151 Mobile WiFi is a larger device than the ZTE router but this does not mean that it can’t compete with its features. As a hotspot device, it is made with a rectangular design that looks as attractive as its rival. Although it does not have a similar display screen, the indicators which are located at the center are informative enough courtesy of the LED lights. Nonetheless, the highlight of this mobile router is probably the fact that it can provide a superb internet connection even at a maximum of ten devices. This feature greatly surpasses ZTE’s number in the same factor. In addition, it has an available Ethernet port and a wider quantity of supported connectivity.

The Disadvantages of the ZTE MF60

The ZTE MF60 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot has a short battery life of only 4 hours. There is a great chance that your laptop may even live longer than your mobile router and this is not good because it generally defeats its own purpose of providing an internet connection. Also, this device is only effective if the user needs a quick internet activity such as checking email accounts or posting on social media websites. If the users want to make it as an all-in-one media device, it may not bring a much decent online performance.


HUAWEI E5151’s Lacking Innovation

Mobile Router Comparison: HUAWEI E5151 VS ZTE MF60Meanwhile, the HUAWEI E5151 Mobile WiFi has lesser technical blemishes than the ZTE router. Physically, there is a possibility that it may be a hindrance for some users that this is a larger device to hold or keep in bags. Aside from that, this mobile router also does not support a memory card slot. In comparison, the ZTE router wins in this perspective because it lets users expand storage wherein the HUAWEI product does not. In the future, perhaps the manufacturer can change its course and innovate their products even further.

Price Details

In terms of the price, the ZTE MF60 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot is being sold at $84.99 on Amazon and $79.00 on eBay. Obviously, this mobile wireless router is cheaper by more than just a few dollars than the HUAWEI product. This means that it can attract more primary customers and gain more popularity than its competitions.

On the other hand, the HUAWEI E5151 Mobile WiFi has a price tag of $99.00 on Amazon, $95.00 on eBay and $103.39 on Sears. These prices are still affordable but it is unquestionably more expensive than its ZTE rival. Naturally, consumers can still find lower ones if they just take time in exploring more options offered in the internet.


Mobile Router Comparison: HUAWEI E5151 VS ZTE MF60The ZTE MF60 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot and HUAWEI E5151 Mobile WiFi both present respectable specifications with only a few comparable differences. For instance, the ZTE wireless device has a memory card slot while the HUAWEI does not. The OLED screen and messaging capabilities of the same brand also adds a bonus point for a more interactive display and multitasking features. On the contrary, the HUAWEI mobile router has longer battery hours than the ZTE handset. It also sports an Ethernet port and wider connectivity which the same latter manufacturer does not have.

To sum it up, it all really comes down to what the customers can afford to buy. The ZTE MF60 Mobile Wi-Fi is cheaper but some people can also choose the HUAWEI E5151 Mobile WiFi if they prefer it.

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