Specs Comparison: Roku 3 VS Western Digital TV Play

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Specs Comparison: Roku 3 VS Western Digital TV Play


What’s good about the contemporary technology is that it always develops new products that keep the consumers’ lives interesting. When it comes to the general multimedia, costumers are always engrossed in the current trends that roam the market. With almost the same ideology as the Apple TV, the best-selling Roku 3 Streaming Player and the Western Digital TV Play Media Player are only two of the latest of these devices. With its own exceptional features to offer, both Roku and Western Digital’s streaming boxes are contenders to compete against the bigger brands. This review will tell us more about their specifications.

Specs Comparison: Roku 3 VS Western Digital TV Play

An Amplified Television Streaming Box

Specs Comparison: Roku 3 VS Western Digital TV PlayThe Roku 3 Streaming Player is a television box with a very responsive interface and fast processor that can cater almost 750 channels. Yes, you read that right. This device has an incorporated 750 channels along with the usual internet streaming services such as Amazon, Netflix and YouTube. Also, it features its own search platform which finds and cross checks major television and movie contents. But the best thing about this television box is probably its newly innovated remote control which has its own audio jack that lets users listen privately to whatever they are watching or playing. You can say that this device is generally user-friendly because anyone can use it without having to disturb the people around them.

Full Entertainment in Your Living Rooms

Specs Comparison: Roku 3 VS Western Digital TV PlayThe Western Digital TV Play Media Player, on the other hand, also has its own features to showcase. First of all, using this device in your living room can really transform the place in a private home theater. With a quick setup and consistent connection, Western Digital really made this device with meticulousness. With a great selection of television and movie content, it has an interface which can let its users watch movies, play music and view photos in almost any format. This is a good thing because it can be an all-around device for the avid fans of television and movies. Also, it comes with own remote control for a more efficient way of having the best viewing experience.


The Disadvantages

Specs Comparison: Roku 3 VS Western Digital TV PlayUnfortunately for the Roku 3 Streaming Player, there are still some things that needed to be done. First of all, it still has no official YouTube channel. Out of all the 750 that it can offer – some of which require separate paid subscriptions to be accessed, Roku was not able to include YouTube. What a shame, really. Meanwhile, this device is also having difficulties in streaming data from external hard drives because of the faulty file format support.

In a similar manner, the Western Digital TV Play Media Player also needs to improve on some things such as the application support. There are the important applications such as the Amazon Instant and those that provide live sports streaming which are just not included in this device. Also, it seems that Western Digital’s claim of being able to play almost all file formats is not completely true. Some file formats just could not playback in spite of the said compatibility feature.

Price Details

Specs Comparison: Roku 3 VS Western Digital TV PlayThe Roku 3 Streaming Player is being sold in the manufacturer’s official store at $99.99. Abt Electronics and eBay have an almost similar price while Amazon offers it at $94.99 which is cheaper. Of course, there are other online shopping websites that can offer even lower numbers. And although this price range only differs in small numbers, for consumers who prefer this premium product, it is still available in the market to buy.

On the contrary, the Western Digital TV Play Media Player has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $69.99 which is a huge difference compared to the Roku 3. On Amazon, it is available at only $44.99 which is even less. Compared to its rival, this price tag is pretty cheap and definitely more affordable. Consumers can definitely spend more from their budget allocation if they choose this product.

The Verdict

The Roku 3 Streaming Player is a smaller device than its rival but with a more attractive design. In terms of connectivity, it also has more features to offer the worldwide consumers. The only glitch probably is that this sells at a more expensive price; although if you ask the experts, it’s only enough to cover the experience that the users will have when they buy it. On the other hand, the Western Digital TV Play Media Player provides a cheaper price but it comes with less glamorous features. It has a bigger physical size with a design that is actually not that bad. However, it still has to improve its compatibility support to prove its claim that it can play every file type there is.

And so, given this information, which stream box will you buy for your high resolution television?

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