PS 4 Maker Will Also Keep an Eye on Valve’s SteamOS, Says Sony Boss

Jaycee De Guzman October 6, 2013 1
PS 4 Maker Will Also Keep an Eye on Valve’s SteamOS, Says Sony Boss


It seems like Sony is already threatened by Valve’s recent product announcements. Microsoft have already expressed their intention to plan further watching on Valve’s upcoming new products such as SteamOS, Steam Machines and Steam Controller as they start to pos a serious threat their Xbox line. The PlayStation 4 maker already broke their silence and talked about their future plans. According to their boss in the UK, Fergal Gara, they will also keep an eye on Valve’s movements as the company is becoming a threat to them.

Valve’s Products: a Disruptive Technology According to Sony

In an interview with Sony UK boss Gara, he stated that Valve’s products such as SteamOS and Steam Machine are considered as disruptive technologies which seem to distract customers away from their product lineup to gain a significant share in the market. However, he is still confident that these sprouting new products cannot shake their stronghold in the game console market with their hit PS 4. As of now, their PlayStation’s strongest rivals are still Microsoft’s Xbox lineup and Nintendo’s Wii. On the other hand, Gara is also not dismissing the possibilities that Valve’s products may really create noise and attract many customers. They are considering the Steam brand as a pre-eminent digital download provider for gaming enthusiasts. They are looking at Valve as an impressive company that can produce products that should be watched and observed.

Xi3 Piston a Force to Reckon for Game Console Giants

The upcoming “console” for Steam Machines, Xi3 Piston is an interesting one for gaming fans. It will measure for about four inches in all sides and will have a strong AMD punch. However, it will also have a price of about one thousand US dollars. It will likely be released running on a SteamOS platform and a list of still unknown Linux-based games will also be included with the Xi3 Piston. What makes it more special than other consoles is its upgradability. Users can easily upgrade their Piston to newer versions so that they will not be locked into the same hardware for several years.


Three Gaming Console Makers Should Be Aware of Valve

PS 4 Maker Will Also Keep an Eye on Valve’s SteamOS, Says Sony BossAlthough Nintendo is still mum about Valve, reports also say that all three major game console manufacturers should really be watchful with the budding “console” brand. Their upcoming products already announced are continuing to make some noise as they are expected to sport amazing specs that gaming enthusiasts are looking for. As a matter of fact, Microsoft’s Phil Harrison said that Steam Machine’s expected powerful specs such as its processor and GPU will really put some excitement into gaming done in the living room especially it will be viewed at a very large screen. Every move by Valve will be watched and observed by its rivals as the company continues to pose threats to them. They are confident about their dominance but Valve is something up-and-coming.

Do you think Sony should really be threatened by Valve’s SteamOS?

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