Old MacBook Air to Eat Dust From Its Rivals if Not Updated Soon

Jaycee De Guzman October 7, 2013 2
Old MacBook Air to Eat Dust From Its Rivals if Not Updated Soon


Apple fans might agree or not but it is hard to deny that the MacBook Air must be upgraded soon. The MacBook Air is already being beaten up by its new and upcoming rivals from other laptop makers who are constantly updating their device lineups with the newest specs and features. Apple will surely be disappointed if they find out that a lot of their MacBook Air users are slowly shifting to other brands.

Rivals With Better Screen Displays Are Now Out Against MacBook Air

Old MacBook Air to Eat Dust From Its Rivals if Not Updated SoonAlthough the MacBook Air is still a wonderful gadget from Apple, a lot of new devices out there can now go neck-to-neck and even topple it when it comes to some specs. The MB Air is aging and it has been already beaten by its younger counterparts especially in terms of display. The entrance of new Windows 8.1 even worsened the situation for the MB Air because new small-sized notebooks today have high definition displays that the Air does not have because of the non-inclusion of Apple’s retina display.

HP Spectre 13: Beats MBA Easily, Can Match Up With MB Pro

Hewlett-Packard recently released a thin yet powerful beast that can even go head-to-head with the MacBook Pro. MB Air also has a 13-inch version and it is almost the same with the HP Spectre 13 in terms of dimensions. It just weighs three pounds and about 0.6 inch thick. It has a 2560 x 1440 display which is also almost the same with the MacBrook Pro. It is powered by latest Intel Haswell chips. The price of a HP Spectre 13 begins at $1,000. It easily beats the MB Air in terms of specs, especially in the display category. Plus, it is cheaper.


Dell XPS 11 and Sony Vaio Pro 11: A Dynamic Duo

Old MacBook Air to Eat Dust From Its Rivals if Not Updated SoonThese tiny beasts can also easily beat the 11-inch MB Air. The Dell XPS 11 is about 0.57 inch thick and has a display resolution, which is the same as the HP Spectre. It also has a light yet superb built quality because of an aluminum and carbon fiber body. This also costs $1000 so its still a bang for the buck. Meanwhile, the Sony Vaio Pro 11 is the lightest with only two pounds registered on the weighing scale. It has a HD 1080p display plus a 128 GB solid state drive (SSD) that will boost up the notebook. It can be bought at a price of $1,150 and will still be worth your money.

Another thing that makes these three notebooks outshine the MB Air is the fact that these are all touch-enabled devices. The touch abilities of these notebooks perfectly pair the features of the new Windows 8.1 OS bundled with them. Touchscreen notebooks are really trending in the past months and years.

Do you think the MacBook Air badly needs a major upgrade from Apple?

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