Photo App Instagram to Include Ads on US Users’ Feeds Soon

Jaycee De Guzman October 7, 2013 0
Photo App Instagram to Include Ads on US Users’ Feeds Soon


In the coming months, Instagram users in the US will start to see advertisements on their feeds. This is a bold move to boost the apps financial gain. However, a lot of questions still remain especially from its users. The inclusion of ads may attract more money and advertisers for Instagram but it can also cause different responses from its users. Some users may become happy with the ads but some may also be annoyed that can eventually drive them away from using the said photo app. However, Instagram might just want to test the waters and see if ads can do well for their company.

Instagram’s Move: Just Joining the Ad Bandwagon With Other Apps

Photo App Instagram to Include Ads on US Users’ Feeds SoonInstagram is not alone in this move. A lot of free apps have already turned into ads for some revenue. Making their services free for users is such a pain for app makers. If they don’t turn into ads then their businesses will be doomed to an early bankruptcy. At the beginning of this month, Pinterest also announced that they are slowly including “promoted pins” in their app. Twitter is also known since 2010 in offering ad products to advertisers. On the other side, Facebook is also slowly introducing video ads in the news feed. However, Facebook has also been known in offering ad products few years ago. This move will not be difficult for Instagram and some product brands since a lot of products and company are already possessing accounts in this app including some top brands.


Instagram Should Be Careful in Placing Ads Says Experts

Photo App Instagram to Include Ads on US Users’ Feeds SoonAlthough integrating ads in their app will surely be profitable, Instagram should still be careful in placing them. These are ads that could annoy some of its users instead of enticing them. According to experts, Instagram should only place ads on feeds of users who already follow that brand they are advertising. It is a challenge to the company to maintain their eye-candy appearance it has while accommodating some ads for profit. A lot of users will surely be disappointed and angry if their feeds will be flocked by ads they are not interested to. To be sure about a positive response from their user base, the company should really be careful in placing ads and other alien stuff from their users’ feeds. The users’ response to the ads will be very important for the Photo app because they cannot generate income if it will lose its users despite having paid ads.

Lot of Advertisers Happy With Recent Instagram Move

The first persons who will be happy with this news are the advertisers. It just means that they can now penetrate into the base of the photo app users and sell their products. It is a very good chance for them because Instagram already developed its user share and established a lot of clients.

Is it okay with you to see some ads on your Instagram feed?

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