Samsung Aims to Be at Par With Apple; Requests for Import Ban Veto

Jaycee De Guzman October 7, 2013 0
Samsung Aims to Be at Par With Apple; Requests for Import Ban Veto


Before, Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics are prohibited from importing smartphones and tablets that are found infringing other devices’ patents. However, President Obama lifted the ban for Apple Inc. only and allowed the California-based company to import the said devices. Now, Samsung is also seeking for a fair game against their closest rival with an appeal to overturn the import ban and establish a par fight with Apple inside its country of territory. The import ban veto is a coveted prize for Samsung in order to improve and widen its lead against Apple Inc. These two tech giants are known for a long and dramatic fight for their respective device patents and design.

Ban to Keep Older Samsung Phones Out From US Mobile Phone Market

Samsung Aims to Be at Par With Apple; Requests for Import Ban VetoIf the White House will not overturn the existing import ban against the South Korean tech company, then US customers will not see some certain Samsung smartphone models in their country. The import ban was implemented on both Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics after heated patent wars broke between these two smartphone makers. However, the Obama administration overturned an existing import ban against Apple devices such as iPhone 4 and iPad 2 3G which Samsung Electronics won. The import ban was overturned just this August 3. It’s a false victory the Asian tech giant after winning the import ban then being overturned by the White House.


Obama Being Biased With Apple? Samsung Says It’s Pro-American Bias

The import ban vetoed that favors the Apple Inc. is being seen as an indication of White House’s biased decisions when it comes to American companies. According to Samsung’s statement, blocking their products to enter US while letting others penetrate the smartphone market is a clear manifestation of their pro-American bias. Apple and Samsung are the two biggest smartphone manufacturers in the global market now worth $280 billion.

Smartphone Import Ban With Little Effect Yet Still Important

Samsung Aims to Be at Par With Apple; Requests for Import Ban VetoSamsung is really dominating the global smartphone market as the company reported a 32 percent share of all smartphones worldwide while Apple is trailing with only 13 percent share. The import ban in US for older smartphone models from the South Korean company might be considered small compared to the massive share of Samsung Electronics in the global market but it is still important according to their officials. The appeal of the company has a little chance in the White House but Samsung can still prove its current supremacy because the ban only covers some old products that has a current patent row with Apple. US is an important market for Samsung as dominance in the American country will prove its dominance over its closest rival, the Apple Inc. Their new and upcoming products such as its flagship smartphones will be a strong contender against Apple iPhones that currently dominate the US market.

Do you think Samsung will get the White House nod and beat Apple in the US smartphone market?

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