Alternative Music Players’ Comparison: Coby MP827 VS Latte Espresso

Jaycee De Guzman October 7, 2013 0
Alternative Music Players’ Comparison: Coby MP827 VS Latte Espresso


In the age of new technology, playing music has never been this easy. There now are a lot of devices in the market that can let anyone listen to music or watch music video in an easier and more portable way. The Coby MP827 is a digital AV player which has been a best-seller since the day it was released. Same goes with the Latte Espresso. The holidays are coming and if a consumer needs to buy a gift without spending way too much money, one of these devices is the perfect choice because it only sells at less than a hundred dollars. The following comparison will tell us more.

Alternative Music Players’ Comparison: Coby MP827 VS Latte Espresso

The Pros and Cons of Coby MP827

Alternative Music Players’ Comparison: Coby MP827 VS Latte EspressoThe Coby MP827 is a music player with an internal storage of 8GB that can store at least 2000 songs. At least, that’s what the manufacturers say. According to them, users can put all their music downloads on this device without having to worry about storage and they can listen to it endlessly. Assuming that one album consists of 10 songs, that’s approximately 200 albums. And so if you’re an avid music fan, then this device is definitely worth a try. Physically, this Coby player is a small device that can fit into the users’ pockets. It can be carried easily from one place to another which a good thing since most consumers are strictly considering portability in buying new devices. Performance wise, the best thing about MP827 is that it also exhibits photo and video playback. By downloading the Coby Media Manager software, users can easily sync their data to their AV player and put it into further use.

Unfortunately, the Coby MP827 also received some negative reviews in terms of its deficiencies. First of all, it has a very slow response time, especially when the touchscreen is being used. The worst scenario that can happen is when the device lags every time time the user tries to do something. Also, it is better to use headphones when listening to music. Evidently, the built-in speakers of this player still need some improvement when it comes to producing decent sounds.

The Pros and Cons of Latte Espresso

Alternative Music Players’ Comparison: Coby MP827 VS Latte Espresso

The Latte Espresso is a similar digital AV player which can also store almost 2000 songs with its 8GB of internal storage. In terms of the design, this device has a metal finish that looks very attractive and elegant. And if the Coby player is small, this one is even smaller, lighter and more convenient to use anytime and anywhere. However, it’s not just the looks that define this music player but also the features that it offers. First, it has its own FM player and voice recorder. Second, it has a large touchscreen display – included with haptic technology – where users can control their activities. And third, it has a G-Sensor which automatically rotates the screen display depending on the way the users prefer to use it. This means that this player can be used in both landscape and portrait styles.


Price Details

Alternative Music Players’ Comparison: Coby MP827 VS Latte EspressoIn terms of the disadvantages, the Latte Espresso has an unresponsive touchscreen that sometimes annoys users when they want to use it. There are reports saying that you must press the screen hard enough before the Espresso can detect whatever it is you’re trying to achieve. In addition, the FM radio feature also needs some enhancements on its own. There are times that it cannot pick up signal strength so the specific feature becomes useless anyway. Also, this digital player has no Auto Off which means that most of the time, the full-charged battery always ends up dead.

The Coby MP827 is being sold at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $44.99. On Amazon, it can be bought at $41.99 which is much cheaper. Users can find that this is a better deal especially if they buy at the time when there is a free shipping promo.

On the other hand, the Latte Espresso has an MSRP of $59.99 which is obviously more expensive than its rival. However, considering its specifications, this price tag can still be considered affordable. It is available at the same price at Sears and $57.99 on Amazon.


If consumers are interested in an affordable music player with features that are respectable enough, then the Coby MP827 is the perfect choice. It runs its own software and has the capability of integrating music, photo and video activities. On the other hand, the Latte Espresso is functional if customers prefer a smaller device. The good thing about this product is that it has the ability to switch between landscape and portrait viewing. Although they have different prices, both of these devices are affordable and caters budget-conscious consumers.

As a fan of the latest music, which of these two will you most likely buy?

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