Struggling BlackBerry Might Find Hope With Its Enterprise Servers

Jaycee De Guzman October 7, 2013 0
Struggling BlackBerry Might Find Hope With Its Enterprise Servers


A lot of news have been published about the huge losses of the once-dominant BlackBerry smartphone brand. The company experiences a lot of losses in terms of sales and global market share after the failure of its recent smartphones and other mobile devices. However, a stable field for BlackBerry might be able to revive the company and save them from being totally gone. The market does not include smartphones but the company’s existing enterprise server products. This could save them from a possible extinction from the tech industry.

Enterprise Servers: They Key to BlackBerry’s Possible Revival

Struggling BlackBerry Might Find Hope With Its Enterprise ServersBlackBerry can still be alive. But not in the industry of smartphones. According to statistics, BlackBerry enterprise servers enjoyed a 32 percent increase in installed units in companies. This will be an interesting field for BlackBerry whether or not the $4.70 billion buyout will push through. A lot of customers have already installed, if not, are still testing an approximate of more than 25,000 BlackBerry enterprise servers which are being used in managing secure networks for different corporate smartphones such as iPhones and Android mobile phones by the end of August. That is 6,000 more than the recorded 19,000 units during the month of July. This is a good news for BlackBerry since they experienced a 45 percent loss in sales which translates into a $965 billion cost for the second-quarter period of the year. According to tech analysts, the company should focus in this area as this may serve as their final ace to survive. A lot of enterprises are looking for solutions to secure their mobile devices and the struggling smartphone company will be a good provider of those services.


Workers’ Demand for Private Phone Use at Work Hurt BlackBerry Sales

A lot of employees now are more comfortable in using their own mobile phones at their workplaces instead of those being supplied by the company. Before, a lot of companies buy BlackBerry phones as supply gadgets for their employees. However, the number of employees wanting to use their own iPhones and other Android smartphones instead of the BlackBerry mobile phones supplied by their employers. Because of this, companies have declined in purchasing new smartphones from the said company. The trend of using the employees’ own mobile phones at work is perceived by companies as a nice way to cut their costs in operations. However, the trend have hurt BlackBerry hardly. Companies saved a lot of money and boosted their profits but smartphones from the former RIM company have lost their dominant stronghold on the mobile device arena.

Do you think BlackBerry will be able to revive their dying company with their enterprise servers?

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