Google Gem Is the Company’s Entry to the SmartWatch Technology

Jaycee De Guzman October 8, 2013 0
Google Gem Is the Company’s Entry to the SmartWatch Technology


Google has just unveiled its participation in the SmartWatch market by having the consumers know of its latest release, the Google Gem. Could this be the end of the smartphone craze?

Apparently, it’s not yet the end of the smartphone era because these SmartWatch devices will never work without being connected to our respective smartphones. The two will work together in order to provide a whole new user experience.

Google’s SmartWatch Might Outsmart the Ones by Samsung and Sony

Google Gem is the Company’s Entry to the SmartWatch TechnologyIf we try to recall some past events, Samsung and Sony revealed its own SmartWatch versions a few months ago. Samsung has the Galaxy Gear as its own version of the SmartWatch, while Sony has the Sony SmartWatch.

Both of the watches have different specifications and commands that it will be able to do for the users. However, reports have confirmed that most of the users find it unappealing and even its features are not enough to be released in the market. Consumers expected more from what the companies are able to offer in a smartwatch.

There were no heard comments after the release of the two watches from Samsung and Sony. The news just passed like air and we guess that almost everyone forgot about it for quite a time.


Google Is Set to Change Everything in the World of Smart Watches

As the leader in bringing the most convenient and friendliest mobile operating system in the world, the company thinks that there’s nothing impossible that the company can do. We never thought that Google will still introduce the Google Gem as early as now.

The company is fixed to launch the watch in the market before this year ends. We can’t say that it’s going to be soon because it really is coming very soon. The watch is expected to be released before this month of October ends. It’s in partnership with another company so we can expect some freebies along with it once it’s released.

Some of the information was also leaked a few months ago leading us to the speculations that the Google Gem is going to be out and about in the market soon. Its design has been leaked too. It’s been known that the Google watch is going to have two major touchpads that the user can tap anytime to make and receive a call, send messages or check notifications on their smartphones.

Furthermore, the said device will be around the globe early next year and we think it’s going to have a good feedback from the users. Knowing that it’s going to run an updated Android operating system, it should be easy to use.

With these entire SmartWatch craze, do you think it’s about time for you to have your own Google Gem as soon as it’s released?

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