HTC One Grabbed Three Major Awards Defeating Apple and Samsung

Jaycee De Guzman October 8, 2013 0
HTC One Grabbed Three Major Awards Defeating Apple and Samsung


HTC has just shared a sad news this week by confirming to the public that the company lost its battle in sales this quarter. It also announced that it is more likely to have lesser sales revenue reports in the fourth quarter.

However, there are three reasons for the company to celebrate as of the moment and it can last until next year. The company’s best released flagship, which is the HTC One, won three major awards given during the T3 Gadget Awards event. It bested among all of the companies that were nominated for each award.

Grabbing Three Major Words Are Perfect Reasons to Celebrate

HTC One Grabbed Three Major Awards Defeating Apple and SamsungThe awards were announced last October 3 in London and it was sponsored by T3. It is one of the most reliable technology websites in the world. The awards given were decided over a long period of time after observing and testing all of the new products presented this year in the market. The decision making was participated by one of the most important and intelligent people in the world of technology.

HTC One was able to beat Samsung S4 and the devices released by Apple. The smartphone led the company to victory and didn’t fail to win the most important award. The Gadget of the Year award was given to the said smartphone.


It also won the T3 Design Award, which focused on the entirety of the build and structure of the handset. Obviously, it was the HTC smartphone that got the majority of the decision. Aside from that, it also won the Phone of the Year Award. From the name of the award itself, the HTC device defeated the likes of Samsung, Sony and Apple and it should be a sign for the company to move forward and do better.

Does This Mean That HTC Award-Winning Smartphone Is Worth the Investment?

The HTC One is gaining much attention this time because of the awards that it won. We must admit that the HTC’s pride is amazingly different. It has a wider screen with a very solid design and build. We can’t agree more about its durability because its hard case is made of metal that won’t break easily.

The smartphone for sure, didn’t just win because of its physical features. Its internal specifications are incredible and it’s more than what Sony, Samsung and Apple have on some of its smartphone models.

It’s easy to conclude that there’s no money to waste on buying an HTC One. Those consumers who have bought it only have good words to say about the handset. Now that it has grabbed three major awards from T3, do you think it’s about time for you to have your own HTC One too?

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