Rumors: Samsung Phone With Curved Display to Be Launched This Month

Jaycee De Guzman October 8, 2013 0
Rumors: Samsung Phone With Curved Display to Be Launched This Month


It seems like Samsung will be the first one to officially introduce a new mobile phone with a curved display. According to rumors, the South Korean company is now on a full blast for the launching of their new phone soon. Prototypes of mobile phones with flexible display have been shown off at different tech events throughout the year. The first exposure was made at the CES last January where Samsung showed their own idea of the new technology. However, there are still no official announcements or launchings regarding the revolutionary innovation.

Curved Display Race: Samsung to Introduce Galaxy Round Ahead of LG

Rumors: Samsung Phone With Curved Display to Be Launched This MonthSamsung Electronics and LG Electronics both announced earlier that they are venturing on the new technology of flexible screens to incorporate on their smartphones. LG recently announced that they will release phones with curved screens in early 2014. However, rumors suggest that it looks like Samsung will emerge as the winner in the race for the first place spot to release this kind of phone. According to reports, Samsung will announce the Galaxy Grand by the end of the month of October. This is in contrast to earlier reports that the new phone with a curved display will be a variant of one of their current flagship smartphones, the Galaxy Note 3.


Galaxy Grand Specs Still Unknown Aside From Expected Screen Size

Rumors: Samsung Phone With Curved Display to Be Launched This MonthUp to now, there are still no specific details reported about the upcoming Galaxy Grand. There are still no expected specs from gadget analysts and enthusiasts. However, new reports state that the upcoming phone from Samsung will have a 5.7-inch curved display. This will be almost the same with the Galaxy Note 3. There are still no details found regarding if the company will classify this phone into their high end lineup or will be paired side by side with the Galaxy Mega. The tech giant has been known to introduce prototype first before their actual products. The Galaxy Gear is a good example of their failure to perfectly sync with what they have presented in their past prototype.

So What Will Be the Benefits of Using a Phone With a Curved Screen?

The idea of phones with flexible screen might be a revolutionary innovation. This will make way for new devices to have a curved and an almost unbreakable screens. However, gadget experts still find no new practical use for the emerging technology aside from its more appealing look. There are no expected changes in the software side of the upcoming phone. However, Samsung is believed to make new adjustments and features that will suit curved displays.

What do you think will the Samsung Galaxy Grand look like?

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