Digital Media Players’ Comparison: Micca Speck VS IncrediSonic IMP150

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Digital Media Players’ Comparison: Micca Speck VS IncrediSonic IMP150


In the present trend on television and movies, there are a lot of activities going on that sometimes makes it is hard to keep up with everything. For people who work a lot and don’t have enough time but wants to be in the know about what is happening around the globe, the solution is a digital media player. Since we are in the innovative age of technology, digital media are also becoming easier to acquire. The Micca Speck and IncrediSonic IMP150 are both digital media players that can let you watch television in your own time.

Digital Media Players’ Comparison: Micca Speck VS IncrediSonic IMP150

Micca Speck’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Digital Media Players’ Comparison: Micca Speck VS IncrediSonic IMP150If you’ve never heard of the Micca Speck digital media player, then you should know that it offers a 1080p quality of the viewing experience for music, video and photo playbacks. As long as there is a television where it can be hooked up, its sharp and defined audio quality will work without a hitch. Physically, this device has a simple design. It is small, square and easy to carry anywhere. For people who travel a lot and are always on the go, this is a great device that offers wide compatibility of file types and formats. They can even buy a separate car power adapter and plug it into their car video system. Not that they should be watching movies while driving but this is great for children who wants to have a more enjoyable car trip. Indeed, entertainment has never been this handy. On the other hand, this digital media player also reads subtitles so watching foreign content is also possible. It comes with its own remote control which provides a more efficient navigation of its internal features. As an accessory, this is definitely a contending product with specifications that will satisfy customers.

One of the few things to improve on the Micca Speck includes the remote control range. Although it is very much useful when it comes to controlling the device, it seems that users are having difficulties using it if they are more than three to four feet away. Also, the important buttons on the remote – such as the play, forward, stop and rewind – appears to be small. This adds some complications, especially when users are watching movies.

IncrediSonic IMP150’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Digital Media Players’ Comparison: Micca Speck VS IncrediSonic IMP150The IncrediSonic IMP150 is also a digital media player which can really turn your own living room into a home theater area. For one, it has a 1080p resolution that is very useful when users want to have an unforgettable viewing experience of their favorite contents – may it be photos, music and videos. In terms of its compatibility, this device reads almost all of the standard file types and formats. This includes the user’s downloaded data from the internet which can be transferred using the different ports and the three-in-one memory card reader that comes with it. Fittingly, the IMP50 also does not upscale videos whether it is only at a resolution of 720p. This is a good thing because automatic size conversion can sometimes make the display blurry and pixilated. And although this device is much heavier than Micca at 13 ounces, it is still very portable and can be brought anywhere the users like.


Unfortunately, the IncrediSonic IMP150 also does not come without faults. Similar to its rival, this device also has problems when it comes to the functionality of its remote control. When pressing buttons, the aim should be clear and without anything blocking the path. In addition, it seems that there is an internal glitch in this player that automatically turns it off. And although these blemishes aren’t necessarily a major glitch, it sometimes annoys users when they are using the device.

Digital Media Players’ Comparison: Micca Speck VS IncrediSonic IMP150

Price Details

The Micca Speck is available at the manufacturer’s official store at $49.95 which is an incredibly affordable price. However, it is being sold at a much lower value of $39.95 on Amazon and $30.00 on eBay. These are perfect for budget conscious consumers.

On the other hand, IncrediSonic IMP150 is available at $32.95 on Amazon and $39.99 on eBay. Compared to its rival product, this price range is cheaper by more or less than ten dollars. Obviously, this is much more reasonably priced.

The Bottom Line

The Micca Speck as well as the IncrediSonic IMP150 both exhibit similar specifications that are certainly beneficial for people who are interested in creating a private cinema in their own homes. These are both best-selling products and people can definitely expect best-selling features. The video and audio outputs are respectable. Both can read subtitles files and external devices such as hard drives and memory cards. Furthermore, the portability of the two products is also a definite plus. Technically, there are not much deal breaker differences from these two media players and even both prices sound really affordable.

Digital Media Players’ Comparison: Micca Speck VS IncrediSonic IMP150

Honestly, what more can you ask for?

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  1. sam fester  December 23, 2013 at 2:13 am - Reply

    Hi – I’ve been trying to decide on a media player, and I ended up trying out the incredisonic MP-150. It seems to be generally good enough for my use, and seems to have all of the functionality that I would need. The only issue I’m having is that it cannot play most of my FLV files. I know this is an issue with a lot of media players, and has to do with the way that the FLV file was encoded, but I was wondering if there is some other similar media player that I can expect to be more versatile with FLV files.


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