LG has started mass producing its flexible OLED displays for smartphones – Report

Alex Bezeau October 8, 2013 0
LG has started mass producing its flexible OLED displays for smartphones – Report


If you happen to be one of those consumers who are eagerly waiting for flexible OLED display equipped smartphones, then we have great news for you! Korean smartphone manufacturer LG has officially announced that the company’s first ever flexible OLED display panels for smartphones are being mass produced.

Yes, the next generation of smartphones is almost here. We all love the 5-inch crisp clear displays, the Snapdragon 800 chipset, the high performance 13MP cameras, but now its time to take things to the next level. And the next level in smartphone technology starts with ‘ flexible OLED displays.’

Earlier this year, Samsung already gave us a look at the Youm display, which is expected to be used in almost every next-gen smartphone next year. But soon enough, there were reports saying that both Samsung and LG would be unveiling their first ever flexible display equipped smartphone. Some days ago, there were reports which gave out details about the flexible display smartphone from Samsung. But now, we have an official update from LG.

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The company has already confirmed that its first ever flexible OLED panel is being massed produced, as you read this article. The company also added saying that this technology will benefit a lot of other devices as well, and we have a strong feeling that these devices mainly consist of full HD televisions and portable tablets. Let us not forget that the list does not stop here, it’s just that we do not want to add more to it right now.

This new flexible display is expected to be just 0.44mm in thickness, hence it will also be the slimmest smartphone display panels ever. LG also said that the display will be made using plastic substrates instead of glass, as a result of which it is expected to be almost unbreakable.

To sum it all up, the best part about the flexible OLED display enabled smartphones is that both Samsung and LG are expected to make the official announcement in the month of October itself. This means that we might be just weeks or days away from being able to witness the next generation of smartphones. Are you really for the change?

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