And Amazon Will Beat Your iPhone 5S and Samsung S4?

Jaycee De Guzman October 9, 2013 0
And Amazon Will Beat Your iPhone 5S and Samsung S4?


Popular online retailer Amazon will soon have its initial weapon as it plans to enter the battle arena of smartphones. According to some reports, Amazon will be revealing its first ever smartphone this 2013. The company’s tablet products have already made their names in their own field that’s why Amazon is now trying to expand their market with a new mobile device which aims to get a pretty good share of the smartphone market. As told by some circulating rumors, the new smartphone is currently having the codename of ‘smith.’

Basic Phone for 2013 and Beefed up Version With Better Specs for 2014

Smartphone of Amazon – Will Beat Apple's and Samsung's?According to reports, the company has been observed to fast track their preparations for an October launching but failed to do so because of hardware and software problems which are worsened by some key people leaving the company. That’s why the new Amazon smartphone will be seen at the end of this year. For this 2013, Amazon will introduce likely a basic and cheaper model of a smartphone. However, a more expensive phone with higher specifications is expected next year. Despite being cheap and basic, the new smartphone due this year will have a profoundly modified form of the Android platform. Meanwhile, a more interesting feature is likely to be seen on the 2014 model. It is expected to have some special sort of a 3D user interface.


Amazon Smartphone Feature to Mimic iPhone 5S Abilities

Smartphone of Amazon – Will Beat Apple's and Samsung's?Amazon’s smartphone will soon be paired and matched up with different other smartphones from its future rivals. As a matter of fact, the future smartphone will be expected to have some abilities that are the same with the iPhone 5S together with the iOS 7. According to some reports, the upcoming smartphone from Amazon is expected to have four cameras in its front. These four cameras will be place at the corners of the phone’s face. These four cameras will continuously track the eye and head movements of the user in order to move the interface correctly. This is just like a more detailed function of the iOS 7 on the iPhone 5S using the accelerometer of the smartphone.

Image Recognition for Cheaper Phone Yet High Income Rates

Some rumors also report that the company is currently trying an image recognition software that will enable users to take an image of an object and directly use it for searching in Amazon. This move will enable them to sell the smartphone at a cheaper price while getting the same or improved profit from more sales for, according to a rumor. Other specifications and the exact launch date are still unknown as of the moment. Tune in for further information about Amazon.

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