What If HTC One Gold Beats Your iPhone 5S Gold?

Jaycee De Guzman October 9, 2013 1
What If HTC One Gold Beats Your iPhone 5S Gold?


Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC will soon have its phone with a gold-plated cover. After Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics have already announced their respective gold editions of their smartphones, HTC will be releasing soon its take on the gold phone craze. Apple started the fire with its launch of a gold-colored iPhone 5S which is priced at a higher rate compared to its other color editions. This is a bold move from the said smartphone manufacturer as it is currently suffering some problems regarding their sales and market share.

HTC Gold Phone to Commemorate MOBO Awards’s 18 Years

What If HTC One Gold Beats Your iPhone 5S Gold?Well, HTC will not just join the gold phone bandwagon because of some shallow reasons. The said smartphone manufacturer will soon release the gold edition of its flagship phone, the HTC One. The gold edition of the HTC One will be for the commemoration of MOBO Award’s 18th Anniversary. The new edition of the said phone will include MOBO Award’s logo which will be laser-etched onto the rear plate of the phone. The company’s reasons are quite different from Samsung and Apple who just wanted to put some eye-candy factor to pump up its gadget’s prices.


HTC One Gold Edition Different from Samsung and Apple Phone Rivals

Both Apple and Samsung released only gold-colored phones. On the other side, the new edition of the HTC One will be quite much different. The HTC One gold edition will have an 18ct gold-plated covering which puts real Aurum on the phone. However, the company will only produce five gold HTC One units which makes it a truly limited edition. The HTC One gold edition will be price at £2,750 each.

Company’s Sales Suffer Loss Despite Impressive Flagship Phone

Despite the amazing specs of their flagship smartphone, the HTC One, the Taiwanese tech giant still experience its first ever sales loss. The loss was blamed to the company’s failure to implement innovative marketing of its products. Tech analysts even described the announcement of the gold HTC One as a manifestation of the company’s lack of imagination. However, their high-end smartphone still manage win some big titles for itself. The HTC One bagged three big honors from the recently-held T3 Gadget Awards. These includes the most coveted Gadget of the Year title, the Phone of the Year award and the T3 Design Award.

Next Two Months Will Be a Tough One for the Company

According to HTC’s Chairwoman, Cher Wang, the next two months will be the biggest challenge as they try to be resilient from a recent painful loss. The company needs to do an impressive marketing of its already-impressive products.

Will you buy one of those five gold HTC One phones?

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