Kids Get Better Grades Because of NEO3DO Tablet?

Jaycee De Guzman October 9, 2013 0
Kids Get Better Grades Because of NEO3DO Tablet?


If you want your kids to have better grades at school then you might want to have them a try of this new NEO3DO Tablet. One of the best ways for kids to have better grades is to engage them thoroughly into the learning process. Now, that where the NEO3DO Tablet will do its job. It is an amazing gadget that will help in encouraging your kids to learn more with the assistance of 3D technology. This will surely result into positive outputs for your children, especially the kids.

What Is NEO3DO Tablet? What Can This Tablet Do?

Kids Get Better Grades Because of NEO3DO Tablet?To make it the explanation easier, the NEO3DO Tablet basically converts all two-dimensional content into 3D. This will enable users, especially kids, to enjoy 3D graphic experience without needing the aid of 3D glasses. The NEO3DO Tablet aims to bring 3D technologies into the learning experience of children and improve the said technology compared to past devices at a lower cost. The said tablet is really aim to do a better job in the education sector where a lot of developments are needed to provide pupils and students the adequate environment they need in order to study lessons better and produce better learning outputs.


Study Says 3D Tech to Be a Helpful Tool in Learning

In a study conducted by Dr. Anne Bamford in 2011, the used of 3D technology inside schools produced a positive result when it comes to the reception of knowledge by students. According to her study, the use of 3D animations had positive effects on the students’ performance tests, recall and learning. The study specifically pointed out the about 86 percent of its respondents had better learning outputs after their use of different 3D technologies in learning. The makers of the NEO3DO Tablet see this study as an encouragement to them that their device will serve a better purpose in the education sector. The advancement of such technology should have better impact to people, especially students.

NEO3DO Tablet Makers Now Making More Improvements

The company behind the NEO3DO Tablet is currently doing efforts to discover more uses of the 3D technology especially in the education sector. They are also working out on producing more 3D content for the Android platform where there device is running. They are also aiming to bring the tablet into more schools, especially the ones with little fund. The NEO3DO Tablet is an affordable tablet that makes it easier for more less-fortunate schools who want to serve better learning experience for their students. The company manufacturing the NEO3DO Tablet is the 3D Film Connections.

Do you think the NEO3DO Tablet will be very much helpful to students?

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