LG Is Set to Use WebOS to Release the First Ever WebOS Smart TV

Sara Cunningham February 26, 2013 0
LG Is Set to Use WebOS to Release the First Ever WebOS Smart TV

If we can recall, WebOS was acquired by Hewlet-Packard in 2010, but was already announced in 2009. The plan was to create a system that will better compete with the one that Apple has. It was designed to run a different level of smartphones in the market. It is the software that powered HP’s Touchpad. The operating system actually acquired great reviews from analysts, but it just didn’t catch the consumer’s eyes.

LG Is Set to Use WebOS to Release the First Ever WebOS Smart TV

HP recently announced that LG acquired its code and gave the company the right to use the system in its innovations. LG is a South Korean device company that is one of the leaders in the market too. The Patent and its engineers still belong to HP but will authorize LG to use it. LG, on the other hand, does not have any plans of using the system to run mobile devices. The Korean company will use the WebOS to power smart TVs, an innovation that is still under development and will soon be born. Not just on smart TVs but any electronic devices that can make it connect to the internet like GPS and any electronic appliance.

Since the time that HP stopped its release of WebOS equipped devices, it already made the software an open-source. It allows other companies to buy and use the system. According to LG’s General Manager and Vice President, Sam Chang, even though LG already owns a share of its rights of the system, it will still keep the system an open-source. In that way, a lot more innovations will be created.

In the months to come, offices in Sunnyvale and San Francisco will open for its operations. LG has been working with HP for the development of the much awaited WebOS TV. The two companies have been working together for six months already.

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