Obama Administration Rejects Samsung Vital Import Ban Appeal?

Jaycee De Guzman October 9, 2013 0
Obama Administration Rejects Samsung Vital Import Ban Appeal?


The White House has already rejected an important appeal from Samsung Electronics. Recently, the South Korean tech company has requested an appeal to overturn a ban from the US International Trade Commission regarding the importation of some of its devices into the US markets. These devices include those gadgets that according to laws infringe others’ patents. Because of this rejection, the ITC import ban will now take in effect to prevent some Samsung devices in favor of its closest rival, which is the California-based iPhone maker – Apple Inc.

No Enough Basis for Import Ban Disapproval Says Trade Rep

Obama Administration Rejects Samsung Vital Import Ban AppealIn a statement released by US Trade Representative Michael Froman, he said that there are no enough policy basis in disapproving the said import ban from ITC and added that he does not believe the rising concerns about the implementation and scope of the ban which were raised by Samsung in their appeal. The Trade Representative decided to allow the implementation of the said ITC import ban after such weighing of policy considerations, advice from agencies, information from different interested parties and considering the impact on consumers and to the competition. The ITC order also included a list of devices that are not covered and are found not violating any existing patents as of its crafting. Froman also added that the list clearly included all the devices including Samsung’s gadgets that are not covered by the policy thus, there should not be any problem or issue that will arise during its implementation.


Samsung Electronics Expresses Disappointment About the Decision

Of course, Samsung is not happy with the decision. In a statement released by the company’s spokeswoman, she stated that their company is deeply disappointed about the decision made by the Trade Representative. The decision allowed the exclusion order made by the US ITC. She also added that the rejection of their appeal will result to a reduced competition in the US market and will definitely limit the choices for the consumers inside the US. The appeal made by the company is very important for them as it will put a fairer competition against Apple Inc. whom they have a fiery patent disputes.

More Info About the Import Ban to Be Implemented

The import ban was resulted from the tight battle between Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics which included patent cases. Different cases were won by the two rivals. In June of this year, some old versions of the iPad and iPhone were banned from being sold in the market. However, the ban was then overturned by the White House due to Apple’s appeal. On the other hand, Samsung’s appeal was rejected by the same authority.

Do you think the appeal of Samsung should have been granted?

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