Samsung’s Curved Screen Smartphone Can Make Your LG Phone Outdated?

Jaycee De Guzman October 9, 2013 0
Samsung’s Curved Screen Smartphone Can Make Your LG Phone Outdated?


Samsung continues to be the leader in the world of technology and the giant company that never runs out of unbelievable innovations. Today, it has launched its first ever smartphone with a curved screen display. After all, everyone is expecting it from a company so huge and the one that dominates the world of technology today.

However, we can’t imagine how disappointed and annoyed the people behind the LG team are. We can still remember how proud the company was a week ago when it announced that it will be the first company to bring us the curved smartphones. It also confirmed that the company has already started the long process of production for the said curved screen smartphone

Samsung Must Have a Very Loyal Team for the Plan to Never Leak

Samsung’s Curved Screen Smartphone Can Make Your LG Phone Outdated?The company’s plan must be a top secret and it’s just lucky that it has the loyalty of all of its employees that no single information was leaked before the launch. We’ve already confirmed from the company that it will be releasing a series of curved smartphones very soon. But, we never thought that it’s going to be that soon.


Samsung went head-to-head with LG a few months ago. The company released its new line of curved OLED televisions almost at the same time. Since then, the two companies have been gaining a lot of pressure from the consumers and pushing the two to release its first curved smartphones.

However, the new curved smartphone doesn’t have the flexibility feature. But, the company is certain that it should be coming real soon in the market.

We can’t even think of LG’s reaction as of the moment because it appears that the Korean company just ruined its targeted plan. The rival company has not released any statement yet about the issue.

Galaxy Round Is the Name and Take Note of That

It’s refreshing to know that the new curved smartphone is named as the Galaxy Round. It’s far from the usual names of the Galaxy smartphones released in the market. This smartphone doesn’t just rely on the curved screen as its major feature. It has a lot of advantages to offer to the consumers.

The Galaxy Round will remain to be a smartphone and not a phablet. It has a 5.7 inch screen with a wider display. It will work like the normal smartphones do. However, it would be easier for the consumers to check any updates, calls, messages and notifications on the phone even if the home screen is currently in sleep mode.

However, it will only be available in South Korea as of the moment before it gets globally available. It seems like its homeland will get to have the first try of the most famous smartphone today. There’s no doubt that this curved smartphone will rock the world and power up our curiosity.

If you think the same, do you think it’s best to upgrade to a Samsung curved smartphone the soonest?

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