Comparative Review: Sony Xperia ZL VS Samsung Galaxy S4

Jaycee De Guzman October 9, 2013 0
Comparative Review: Sony Xperia ZL VS Samsung Galaxy S4


While the most sophisticated mobile phones always keep the interest of the masses and everyday news reports, there are also simpler gadgets that offer almost similar components that can attract its own consumers. For instance, there are the Sony Xperia ZL and Samsung Galaxy S4 which showcase the latest technology of the latest premium smartphones but with their own manufacturer’s unique take on it. The result is an added development in the field of technology that will help in the improvement of future devices. On a related note, this review will compare the mentioned devices to determine which one has better innovative features. Read on for more information.

Comparative Review: Sony Xperia ZL VS Samsung Galaxy S4

Sony Xperia ZL’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Comparative Review: Sony Xperia ZL VS Samsung Galaxy S4The Sony Xperia ZL is a remodeled version of the Xperia Z but with a similar compelling system that features a lot of benefits for its users. For one, it has a processor which exhibits an incredible high performance that makes doing tasks faster and more efficient. The TFT LCD screen is also a big plus since it showcases bright and crisp images which can be really attractive to the eyes. Whether the user is reading electronic books, browsing web pages or reviewing photos, the images and text remain clear and visually vibrant. On the other hand, the Xperia ZL also takes great pictures with its 13.1MP camera. That’s not much of a difference between the Galaxy S4 so we can expect that they can both do decent jobs in capturing images. Lastly, this handset also has a notable call quality with loud and crystal-clear audio to both ends.

Whether we like it or not, the Sony Xperia ZL still has disadvantages that we need to enumerate. First of all, this mobile handset is expensive. We all know that this is the last thing the consumers want to hear but since this review’s purpose is to be informative, we are telling the truth. Aside from that, the battery juice of this device can only be used at an average of 10 hours. Galaxy S4 has 17 hours and that’s a huge difference to consider.

Samsung Galaxy S4’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Comparative Review: Sony Xperia ZL VS Samsung Galaxy S4The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a mobile handset that caters its users a powerful performance courtesy of its fast and quad-core processor. It contains an impressive amount of software which can also be considered a general achievement for its manufacturer. Physically, this device is crafted to be lightweight but with a durable feel. Compared to the Galaxy S3, it has better edges that provide a thinner body. In terms of the camera features, this mobile handset exhibits different tricks that mobile photographers will definitely love. It is simple to use, yet it can snap photos with the highest quality. It is not enough to just use the 13MP camera as it is. Users should also try features such as the Eraser Mode which automatically detects and erases unnecessary objects in your photo – along with the Drama Shot and Animated Photo.


The Samsung Galaxy S4, sadly, also received negative reviews on some of its aspects. Most notably, not all individuals who tried this device were won over by its thin and curvy design. It seems that the Galaxy S4 is not entirely comfortable to hold. It is slippery and can be really awkward in someone’s hand. Also, the back of the device has a mirror-like plastic cover that can sometimes be too glaring in the eyes. In the same way, the one thing that Samsung should have added is a polarized screen which is more functional to use outdoors.

Price Details

We all want a Sony Xperia ZL but unfortunately, its price is astonishingly expensive. At the manufacturer’s official store, this mobile handset is available at a price tag of $539.99 – and that’s already with an included discount. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is available at different network carriers in the United States at various prices. The average value can only reach more or less than $200.00.

The Bottom Line

Comparative Review: Sony Xperia ZL VS Samsung Galaxy S4The Sony Xperia ZL and Samsung Galaxy S4 both present their own unique features that can really attract different smartphone customers. Technically, there are only a few differences that these two devices vary from each other. First of all, the good thing about the Galaxy S4 is that it is capable of wireless charging. Also, it has more options for internal storage and larger external storage at 64GB. Meanwhile, the Xperia ZL has a separate graphics processor integrated into its central processing unit that improves display performance. In addition, it seems that this device provides more comfort to its users – with better physical build and design. Although it is not water- as well as dust-resistant, it still has a pleasing texture that does not accumulate fingerprints.

So, will you give one of these devices a look?

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