Apple to hold a special event on the 22nd of October – Time for the new Apple iPads?

Heidi Speare October 10, 2013 0
Apple to hold a special event on the 22nd of October – Time for the new Apple iPads?


We have great news for Apple fans and consumers who have been eagerly waiting for Apple to unveil the next generation of iPads. Latest reports confirm that the company has scheduled a special event on the 22nd of October.

This year, Apple has been quite late to enter into the next-gen smart devices battle. The company recently unveiled its two new iPhones, the flagship iPhone 5S and the colorful iPhone 5C. But with only two new smartphones, the company broke all its previous records and once again proved that the iPhone rocks! And now it times to move on, move on to the next target market – tablets!

iPad 4 5 and mini

We are sure that there are millions of fans and consumers who have been holding on to their money right from the start of the year in order to get their hands on the next-gen Apple iPad 5 or Apple iPad Mini 2 or may be both. And we have good news for you; your wait is almost over as we now have a date after which Apple will most certainly set another record.

The information has been confirmed by inside sources of AllThingsD and The Loop, and this is the reason why we are so excited about the same. At the event, Apple will unveil two new iPads, the Apple iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2. Both these tablets are expected to follow the design principles of the Apple iPhone 5S, and will have similar hardware configuration along with 64-bit processing capabilities.

There have already been a number of reports and rumors talking about the specs and features that these new iPads will have. And we have more information regarding the same once again. It is being said that the new tablets will have slimmer bezel like the iPad Mini. They will be smaller in form factor, but at the same time will provide the exact same screen sizes. So simply think of it this way – your iPad just got better, faster, slimmer and lighter; and at the same time manages to have the same price tag, crisp clear display and super fast performance.

iPads Next Gen

We are sure that Apple must have put in a lot of efforts into the making of the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2. But let us not forget that the competition is tough and now everything matters. The iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 both have challengers waiting for them in the market! Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 which we feel will be the toughest challenger for the iPad 5 and the new Google Nexus 7 might be the one to take on the iPad Mini 2.

By the way, apart from the next-gen iPads, Apple might even have a big surprise for Apple MacBook Pro fans and consumers. The company is expected to unveil the next generation of retina displayed enabled MacBook Pro tablets with the latest Intel Haswell processors. So if you are into Apple, we strongly suggest that you don’t miss this event, and of course, be ready for a lot of surprises!

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