Google Maps Review: An App You Can’t Live Without

Jasmina Lozevska February 27, 2013 0
Google Maps Review: An App You Can’t Live Without

Google Maps is undoubtedly the mobile mapping service that many people find essential for a successful trip to an unknown destination. Even if you’re going in a familiar direction – Google maps is the app that will keep things under control and provide you with any kind of useful information.

Google Maps latest version for the Android platform is one of the apps that simplify your life to a great extent and that’s why is an app you just can’t live without. Google Maps gives you the most complete travelling experience and provides with all kinds of useful information. Unlike Apple’s mapping service, the Google Maps app is extremely reliable and offers the best mobile mapping experience.


This app from Google includes a turn-by-turn navigation, indoor maps, street view, maps download, information about public transport and many other features you could take advantage of. Also, it enables you to sync data, which is a pretty cool feature for a mapping app. The only thing that may disappoint you is the lack of 3D city view.

Perhaps the best thing about Google Maps is its efficiency in providing different kinds of directions. You can ask for direction in two ways – text and voice. Once you do this, -you will get the directions for walking, driving, riding a bike and for using public transport. You can explore your options and consider different types of transit for each destination you choose.


While viewing a place with Google Maps, you can choose to see additional information about it, such as traffic, satellite view, terrain view and routes for bicycles. You can zoom in locations and get a closer look of everything that might interest you. Street view is also a very cool way to look buildings much closer, on a ground-level and more detailed view.

Google Maps allows you to browse all kind of businesses you could think of and gather different kinds of information about them. The search for restaurants, bars, shops, gas stations etc. has never been so easy.


Another convenience that this app offers you is the option to download certain maps and use them even in cases when you don’t have an Internet connection. Keep in mind that this review covers the app on the Android platform and some of the features are only included in the Android version of the app. This map download is one of those features.

Google Maps is much more than a simple mapping app. It provides you with a unique experience, due to its very useful additions, such as discovering near-by offers and deals, receiving recommendations from people in your Circles, getting Zagat summaries and much, much more. Competitive apps will have to do the impossible to outshine all of this.

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