Seriously, Apple Fans Are Not Excited About The Latest iPad?

Jaycee De Guzman October 11, 2013 0
Seriously, Apple Fans Are Not Excited About The Latest iPad?


Apple is rumored to be about and ready to release its new versions of the iPad and the MacBook. But the question is, are consumers still excited about its new products?

The company has been honest to the press that it’s been having a hard time recently. First, it’s facing its greatest competitor all the time, which is Samsung. Second, it’s in the era without Steve Jobs who served as the brain behind the company since it started. However, the company’s hopeful that it will be able to get its top rank back with the help of the new products it’ll be releasing before the year ends.

New Ipads, Macbook And Operating System To Be Released At The Same Time

Seriously, Apple Fans Are Not Excited About The Latest iPad?The date is set and it’s going to be on October 22. However, the company has never released any statement as to where the launch is going to take place. It’s already normal for the company to introduce the location of its events at the last minute.

According to the reports of AllThingsD, Apple will be releasing a new set of iPads this time. We aren’t sure yet if it will be releasing a number of new iPad models or just one new iPad version. According to the same source too, the company will be releasing the latest Mac Pro at the same time as an addition to the excitement of the consumers.


A brand new operating system is also set to be released on the same day. It is the OS X Mavericks, though we don’t have any idea why it has such a very playful name. All of these products will be released at the same time. It could be part of its strategy to give consumers more reasons to be excited about the launch or just a way to cut some costs.

Designs And Prices Remain To Be Unconfirmed

Seriously, Apple Fans Are Not Excited About The Latest iPad?In the past few weeks, we have been receiving several reports from reliable sources about the look and design of the new iPads. We could still remember an Asian website showing the back case and reiterating the exact dimensions of the new iPad. We can also remember some spoilers showing some leaked images of the new iPads.

These sources are yet to be confirmed and it’s going to be very soon revealed. The long wait is going to be over because the Apple products should be available for display and shipping as soon as it’s launched.

As for the price of the new operating system and the Mac Pro, there are no reports yet. Since then, we have not received any reports about the two products. However, the software has been given to dealers and partners of the company for final testing.

These should be a challenging time for the company and its new products are expected to boost the company’s sales the next year.

Are you ready to get yourself one of the new Apple iPads or stay with Android forever?

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