Who Says Asus Fonepad Is A Copycat Of The iPad Mini?

Jaycee De Guzman October 11, 2013 0
Who Says Asus Fonepad Is A Copycat Of The iPad Mini?


Asus has just announced its latest contribution to technology, the Asus Fonepad. The Fonepad is another tablet coming from the company that is smaller than any normal tablet. Asus has a team working on the different factors needed to be able to come up with the Fonepad.

As a result, we will see a new 7-inch tablet from the company in stores very soon. It is rumored to have a decent processor that can make the tablet work really fast. It can be considered as a tablet and a smartphone as well.

Who Says Asus Fonepad Is A Copycat Of The iPad Mini?

How Can A Tablet So Big Can Be Used As A Smartphone?

From the name alone, you will know that it’s not just a tablet for games, music and videos. It’s a smartphone as well wherein users can freely make and receive calls and send or receive messages, too.

But we’re all wondering how the user can manage to answer a call with a screen too wide for both hands to hold tight, aren’t we? This is probably an obvious factor that will not make consumers go ahead and buy one of the Fonepads.

As a user, you don’t have any choice but to use a headset or Bluetooth-powered earphones. In that case, you will be able to receive a call while driving without any harm. If you don’t have any of those mentioned, then you will have to put the Fonepad on speaker mode so that you will be able to talk freely.


It seems like the Asus Fonepad is not having a very good design. According to reports, most of the possible consumers are hesitant to invest in the Fonepad because of its size. We wonder what got into Asus for designing a smartphone as big as an iPad.

Is There No Other Design Than Just the Apple iPad Mini Design?

Who Says Asus Fonepad Is A Copycat Of The iPad Mini?

If you take a quick look at Asus’ new baby, you will really think that it’s an Apple iPad Mini you’re looking at. Not until you see the obvious curves at the back and the logo of the company that shows the authenticity of the tablet to be an Asus Fonepad.

It’s best to use the Fonepad in a vertical position. It makes it easier for the users to read e-books, play games or even in navigating the tablet. It was also introduced to be used vertically because the Fonepad is a smartphone and not just a tablet, remember?

The Fonepad has a metal strap that is wrapped around the corners and the entire base of the device. The cover isn’t detachable, which also makes the batteries non-detachable and non-replaceable. The Asus Fonepad will be out in stores this month and is expected to have a friendlier price.

Are you willing to trade your iPad Mini with the new Fonepad from Asus?

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