Blackberry Company Is For Sale. Who Wants to Bid?

Jaycee De Guzman October 11, 2013 0


BlackBerry has confirmed a few weeks ago that it will be entering a different venture and will have to give up the company. The company is currently selling its stocks, but it seems that its possible buyers are also having a hard time investing on it.

Since the company’s sad announcement, the company has been receiving a lot of proposals from different companies. It has already negotiated with other international companies and there are no current reports about it.

Blackberry Can Afford Degrading Its Reputation And Sell Itself In Parts

We don’t want to sound rude here, but this is what appears to be the case for the company as of the moment. A major company has been vocal and persuasive in winning the bid for the acquisition of the company.

The Fairfax Financial Holdings has been pursuing the company recently and has been concluding scheduled conferences with the executives of the company on sale. The financial holdings company has expressed its aggressive interest towards the company and has confirmed a bid of $4.7 billion to buy the company as a whole.

However, there are turnarounds that are currently happening and affecting the decision of Fairfax Financial Holdings. It appears that the company won’t be able to put up the said cash alone and is also having a hard time in finding partners that will be able to help it in producing the said amount.

In that case, the Canadian company will have to settle with Fairfax’s proposal to buy at least a few stocks or a part of the company. That would only mean that the selling company will also have to find other investors to buy the rest of its remaining stocks.


Blackberry Company Is For Sale. Who Wants to Bid?

Other Investors That Are More Than Interested To Buy The Company

Aside from Fairfax Financial Holdings, there are more companies that are interested in buying the electronics company. These companies are considered the leaders in the market and we must say, these companies are capable enough to resolve and fund the future resolutions for the recovery of the company.

Cisco has already expressed its interest in buying the company. It is the largest company that provides networking devices in the market. It’s a company that exists on its own and is also a partner to a number of internet and wireless carriers in the whole of America.

Plus, we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung is also interested in buying BlackBerry. Aside from the humongous size of the company, it can also afford to buy the company as a whole and have all the resources to revive it.

We’re all hoping for the best for the said company. It’s a relief that a lot of investors are willing to invest on it because it’s sad to watch BlackBerry go down in no time.

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