Disney Says Goodbye To 3DTV As It Welcomes Its Texture TV

Jaycee De Guzman October 11, 2013 0
Disney Says Goodbye To 3DTV As It Welcomes Its Texture TV


It’s so surprising to hear from Disney this time around. We’ve all been hearing from the technology giants from all over the world and it’s so refreshing to grab fresh news from the animation leader of the world.

We can thank Disney for allowing us to experience real live movie experiences through its 3D technology. This is the kind of technology that we see in its movies on the big screen and we’re so privileged to be able to do that.

Sad to say, the company is now starting to bid its goodbye to the 3D technology. But, as we all know about the company, it’s bringing to us a better experience through this Texture TV.

Is This the First Time You’ve Heard About the Texture TV Technology?

Disney Says Goodbye To 3DTV As It Welcomes Its Texture TVIn general, the Texture TV will simply allow the viewers to feel and touch the images on the screen. Its main goal is to make the viewers feel the characters to be alive and at least get in touch with what’s happening on the screen. At the same time, it can broaden the imagination of the viewers and they can even feel that they’re on the said location with the characters on the screen.

“Touch interaction has become the standard for smartphones, tablets and even desktop computers, so designing algorithms that can convert the visual content into believable tactile sensations have immense potential for enriching the user experience.”


Quoted above is a statement of one of the representatives of Disney, Mr. Ivan Poupyrev. He is the official director of the company’s interaction group. He is based in Pittsburgh where the Disney Research is located.

He emphasized that the touch technology is not just possible for small electronic gadgets. It’s now possible for the big screen or the televisions, which are enjoyed not just individually. The Texture TV is targeting the general viewers like the children and their families.

According to him, the company is already in the middle of finalizing the said technology and should be enjoyed by the world in a few months or a year.

Disney Continues to Widen Its Research the Best Way Possible

Disney Says Goodbye To 3DTV As It Welcomes Its Texture TVThe company’s representative stated that it is still in the middle of operating its research through various experiments. It studies the electrostatic force and its effect to the human body. The company is planning to use such force and make sure that it’s stable enough to interact with the human body without having to vibrate the screen display.

The company has confirmed that it already has a stimulator and is currently being used in its experiments. The company has also discovered different purposes of the technology by using its simulator. We can’t count the days and soon enough we will be experiencing such technology.

Are you ready to say goodbye to 3D and say hello to Disney’s Texture TV?

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