Find A Flaw Of Windows 8 And Get $100,000 Instantly From Microsoft

Jaycee De Guzman October 11, 2013 0
Find A Flaw Of Windows 8 And Get $100,000 Instantly From Microsoft


If you want to have some $100,000 instantly and you are a tech geek who is really determined to find security flaws of some operating systems like Windows 8, then this will be the right time for you to make some really big money. Recently, a security researcher has been given the said amount of money by Microsoft because of the security flaws of their Windows OS he discovered and demonstrated. In just a matter of several clicks and hits, he was able to show new ways to bypass what Microsoft thought to be secured OS defense.

Two Weeks Of Hard Work And Several Years Of Research For Big Bounty

Find A Flaw Of Windows 8 And Get $100,000 Instantly From MicrosoftJames Forshaw of the Context Information Security based in the UK, showed how we can exploit Windows OS vulnerabilities in simple ways. He is currently the vulnerability research of this company. According to him, he was able to discover these security flaws for about two weeks. However, these two weeks were not easy. He made a lot of brainstorming sessions and a lot of software tests in order to discover them. The initial thought up to the actual bypass really took much of his time. However, these weeks were not just the time he has to spend to be successful in being a software vulnerability researcher. He has been studying and researching in this field for several years already. He has done a lot of work in the information security business that’s why he became an experienced and seasoned security researcher.


“Windows 8 Has A Lot of ‘Mitigations’ For Security Breaches”

Microsoft announced initial bounties for those people who will be able to discover security flaws of Windows 8 few months before. Because of this, Forshaw was ignited to venture on the mitigations he wants to review. According to him, Windows 8 has a lot of mitigating places where hackers can exploit security flaws and breach in. The mitigations got him into a lot of brainstorming sessions that eventually led him to discover actual hacks of the said OS. Now, Microsoft already need to improve their software craft to make it harder for hackers to discover security breaches.

Find A Flaw Of Windows 8 And Get $100,000 Instantly From Microsoft

How Will Microsoft Address The Discovered Security Hack?

As of now, details about the hack discovered by Forshaw will not be revealed. This is part of the bounty rules set by Microsoft. They can be detailed for the public after the company already solved the security issue. However, Forshaw is hesitant about the company’s ability to resolve it quickly. The company even admitted that his security hack is very unique and of high quality.

Did Forshaw find all the security flaws of Windows 8? Maybe $100,000 is worth it to find another security flaw. Start searching now!

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