i90 Tablet Glasses Is The Answer To Every Traveler’s Dream

Jaycee De Guzman October 11, 2013 0
i90 Tablet Glasses Is The Answer To Every Traveler’s Dream


You’re probably an avid traveler if you’re reading this by now. A new invention was born yesterday in Portland, Oregon and it’s the i90 Tablet Glasses. It has been in the market for a while now, but only a few noticed it. Its inventors already started using this device particularly Matt Franklin who often uses this device whenever he’s all around the world travelling.

i90 Tablet Glasses Is The Answer To Every Traveler’s Dream

Is This Device For Tablets Only?

We know the i90 Tablet Glasses may sound exclusively for tablets. However, this gadget is applicable for iPhone, iPads or any other devices that are portable. We can consider any of the Android running smartphone and tablets to be able to take advantage of this gadget, too. It should be compatible with each other as the glasses don’t have any patent to be used only for a certain brand or operating system.

It Cures and Prevents Tech-Neck Or Head-Forward Posture

i90 Tablet Glasses Is The Answer To Every Traveler’s DreamMatt Franklin, the developer and the creator of the device, intended it to be useful not just for the user’s convenience but also to address the common syndrome or posture problems that geeks and travelers acquire after a long use of a certain gadget. This is what they call as the Tech-Neck.


The developer had a similar syndrome which led him to this invention and for everyone to enjoy. Most of the time, travelers often turn to their gadgets whenever on a plane in order to kill the time and just enjoy it. However, this causes pain in the neck and makes them develop a head-forward posture. This syndrome is not good for the body and for personal issues as well.

The Glasses will allow the users to use their smartphones, tablets or other devices without even glancing at it. It’s now possible for people to watch movies or read messages and files from their devices without looking down. The glasses will automatically reflect an augmented reality in front of the user’s eyes. The i90 may be inspired by the Google Glass, but it has been mummed and has been sold on the web silently.

Check This Device Out On Kickstarter

Little did we know that the i90 Tablet Glasses have been available for quite some time. Kickstarter is the official dealer and partner of the company and is the only one that distributes the device as of the moment.

The device will be officially launched before the end of November. But, online orders are already being accepted for customers who are willing to invest on it as early as now. Successful online orders will be issued before the end of this year and we’re expecting to be seeing more people wearing the i90 Tablet Glasses rather than the Google Glass.

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