Do Not Throw Your Current Laptop After Knowing The Chromebook 11

Jaycee De Guzman October 11, 2013 0
Do Not Throw Your Current Laptop After Knowing The Chromebook 11


Google is fulfilling its promise to the market this time by releasing the all-new Chromebook 11. The company has already launched the possible model of the said laptop earlier this year, but it wasn’t that close to the real Chromebook that has been released.

Last year, Google worked with Samsung and released the Chromebook 10. It was the first time for the company to collaborate with a different giant in the world of technology. This time, HP and Google collaborated in order to come up with the entire Chromebook 11.

What Does The Google-HP Collaborated Laptop Have To Offer?

Do Not Throw Your Current Laptop After Knowing The Chromebook 11We must admit that the Chromebook 11 is not as stunning as what we’ve expected. It doesn’t have much of a difference from the previous version. In fact, it has the same internal specifications and we are all yet to find out the difference it can provide to its future users.

It is powered by the same processor, which is an ARM Exynos 5250 processor. This processor isn’t that exemplary fast, but should be able to sustain living in the cloud. It has two usable USB ports, which we think is not enough for people who love to multitask a lot. It has 2GB of RAM with a total of 16GB of internal memory space.


Even its screen display has the same resolution with the old Chromebook, which are 1366×768 pixels. All of these specifications are all packed in a magnesium-made hard case partnered with an eleven inch screen display.

However, this one is a little lighter than the previous one. It only weighs 2.3 pounds and that’s more than enough reason to rate this Chromebook as one of the lightest in the market today.

Does It Have Any Difference From The Old Chromebook Released?

Most consumers are concerned about its screen display. The Chromebook 11 has a slightly higher price than the older version. However, its viewing angle is up to 126 degrees, which makes its screen a lot clearer than the past model.

The speakers are also placed right under the keyboard this time. Google and HP intended such design to make sure that the sound coming from the speakers will be directed to the user. It also gets rid of the hassle of bringing separate chargers because this laptop uses a USB port and wire for charging. This means, we can charge our smartphones directly through the laptop, too.

We can never expect so much from the new version of the Chromebook. It only has a price tag of $279 and will be shipped starting this week. Google also allows a free 100GB cloud storage or Google Drive Storage and that is usable for two years.

Okay, don’t throw your old laptop out of the window if you’re rushing to buy this Chromebook 11 (wink!).

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