Nokia Lumia 1320 – Is It Really Batman’s Phone?

Jaycee De Guzman October 11, 2013 0
Nokia Lumia 1320 – Is It Really Batman’s Phone?


Ever wonder when is the Nokia Lumia 1320 going to be released? We’re all hoping that it will be included as one of the new devices that Nokia will release in the Middle East on October 22.

Meanwhile, a trusted leaker of events and gadget updates has released an intriguing photo of the Batman smartphone. EVleaks has posted on its Twitter account that the alleged Batman phone is secretly the Nokia Lumia 1320. The source is also trying to emphasize that the company is trying to confuse everyone and give the said phone such alias. But, it will be launching it big time together with the new tablet and smartphone of the company come October 22.

Expectations Toward The New Lumia Smartphone

Nokia Lumia 1320 – Is It Really Batman’s Phone?The Nokia Lumia 1320 is expected to be one of the high-end smartphones of the company. From the name itself, it follows the Lumia 1020 and is expected to have higher and stronger specifications than the latter.

However, it might not have specifications that will go beyond the performance of the Lumia 1520. The Lumia 1520 is said to be Nokia’s first flagship for a phablet device. It’s expected to have a wider and larger screen display that can work as a tablet and a smartphone as well.


The alleged Batman smartphone will be running the Windows 8 operating system. Nokia has long been a partner of Microsoft and has never tried other operating systems for its smartphones. It has always been an issue why Nokia can’t stand having an Android smartphone.

Unfortunately, we can’t share any details about the Batman phone because the company has never released any statement about it yet. Also, Nokia has never confirmed that the said smartphone will be launched on October 22 together with the rest of the new devices.

Nokia Confuses The Consumers By Naming It The Batman Phone

EVleaks has also revealed an image of the next Batman smartphone. It is stunningly black and appears to have a very hard case. The coolest part of it is that it has a Batman logo at the very back of the device. The logo shows the exact image of Batman and on top of it is the sign of the company.

However, we are still not sure whether the said Batman phone is really the new Nokia Lumia 1320. There are no photos that show the front panel of the smartphone. Even the back cover of the leaked image doesn’t show a captured shot of the front panel of the smartphone.

Some reports also stated that the Batman smartphone is referring to a different Nokia model. These sources are trying to imply that the Batman phone pertains to a lower-end phone that will still be announced on the same day. If ever these rumors are true, we will have to wait and see until October 22.

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